SRAM Apex // Zwift // 3T // GT // Canyon // Sixpack & more!

12 speed sram apex mechanical road bike group

SRAM finally has a 12-speed mechanical road group, and it’s also a gravel group, and even works with some MTB parts. Plus, an affordable gravel bike, video game controllers for Zwift, a faster tri disc wheel, a new GPS computer, oval chainrings for T-Type, two freeride mountain bikes, a foam MTB saddle, and more! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • SRAM Apex 1×12
  • Commençal gravel bike
  • Zwift Play
  • Parcours x Classified Disc
  • 3T Exploro RaceMax Classified
  • Reynolds 46 aero wheels
  • Sigma ROX 12
  • Pirelli Cinturato Road
  • ReTyre non-rubber tires
  • Specialized kids e-MTB
  • absoluteBLACK T-Type
  • GT Fury
  • Rocky Mountain Slayer
  • Canyon Neuron:ON CF
  • SixPack stealth routing stem
  • SQLabs x BASF saddle
  • Kit of the Week

SRAM Apex 1×12 road & gravel groups

sram apex eagle axs wireless group for gravel adventure bikes

SRAM’s first 12-speed mechanical drop bar group is finally here. The new Apex 1×12 groups offer mechanical and AXS wireless options, with XPLR gravel and Eagle mountain bike gearing, too.

Both use new 12-speed cassettes that fit standard 11-speed HG freehub bodies. The XPLR is 11-44, and Eagle is 11-50, but all of the parts are compatible with their higher-end (and much lighter) 12-speed XD/XDR cassettes and Force/Red cranksets, too!

sram apex eagle axs wireless 12 speed gravel bike group
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Cranks are the same as Rival, including the power meter spindle option, just with a different finish and OE-only steel chainring option.

The Apex AXS rear derailleurs are familiar, just down-spec’d in materials and finish, with a new X1 Eagle AXS derailleur coming on OEM builds. Aftermarket “MX” builds will use their GX Eagle AXS derailleur.

sram apex mechanical 12 speed gravel bike group with XPLR and Eagle cassette options

Apex Mechanical gets new derailleurs with a barrel adjuster on the B-knuckle and work with new DoubleTap shifters. The flat mount brakes get Level MTB calipers with new, wider levers for easier control, and the slimmer hoods from Rival & Force. Look for it on bikes starting around $1,800. (Pre-order here)

Commençal 365 budget alloy gravel bike

commencal 365 affordable aluminum gravel bike with lots of mounts

The Commençal 365 gravel bike runs from $2,000 to $4,000, but all models share a highly designed alloy frame & fork with plenty of mounts, dropper posts, included front fender, and 700×47 tire clearance.

Low, flat seatstays keep it comfortable and MTB-inspired geometry, 1×12 MTB drivetrains, and 180mm brake rotors let you get rowdy.

Zwift Play game controllers for your handlebar

zwift play video game controllers for your handlebars

Zwift Play controllers further gamify cycling by letting you steer, brake, and control your avatar. With planned gameplay capabilities being teased in a new Repack Rush TT route, they give you access to more beta features while Zwift builds out more compatibility.

For heavy users, the ability to navigate menus and maps (and drop kudos) directly from the bars make them worth the introductory $99/£99/€99 (eventual MSRP is $149/£149/€149). The rechargeable units strap to any road bike handlebar. Now, if only I could use them for Fortnite.

Parcours unveils full-disc wheel w/ Classified internal gear hub

parcours disc rear wheel for triathlon with classified powershift internal gear hub

Parcours Disc2 is the first full disc rear wheel for triathlon with the 2-speed Classified internally geared hub. This allows riders to use a smaller cassette with closer gear steps for optimum cadence while still getting the gear range of a standard 2×12 drivetrain – a 53T chainring yields a 36T equivalent.

Losing the front derailleur and double crankset also makes the bike more aero. The 22.5mm internal rim width fits 28-30mm wide tubeless tires, offering more comfort and rolling efficiency gains from lower pressure, too. MSRP £1,099 / $1,449 / €1,429.

3T Exploro RaceMax x Classified gravel bike

3T Exploro Racemax gravel bike with classified internally geared hub

3T was the first brand to create a dedicated 1x road bike, well before it was popular and before gravel was a thing, and were among the first to adopt Classified’s Powershift system onto their Strada road bike.

Now, they’ve added it to their Exploro RaceMax gravel bike, paired to a Force AXS group with 11-34 cassette for 450% gear range. Complete bikes are $/€5,999.

Reynolds 46 “Everywhere” aero road wheels

reynolds 46 black label pro lightweight aero road bike wheels with industry nine hubs

Designed as an all-round, works anywhere, takes you to any podium road wheel with a 46mm deep rim profile, the new Reynolds 46 comes in two Black Label disc brake versions, with the top model using higher-end resin and construction to hit 1397g.

The base AR model has the same rim profile, but a bit heavier carbon layup (1,700g/wheelset) and rim-brake only design. All three use custom hubs made by Industry Nine with 6º, 8º and 10º engagement down the line. Prices are $1,450, $1,900 and $2,300. (video here)

Sigma ROX 12.1 EVO GPS cycling computer

Sigma Rox 12.1 EVO gps cycling computer with app-based routing and onboard maps

The new Sigma ROX 12.1 EVO cycling computer uses preinstalled bike-specific OSM maps to provide advanced routing on multiple surface types, plus intelligent re-routing if you get off course. Pair it with their app for real-time Strava Live Segments, messages & send crash alerts to your contacts.

It pairs with all the usual sensors plus compatible e-bikes to show range & battery data. Available in black or white for $399, or bundled with extra sensors for $499.

Pirelli Cinturato Road tube-type tires

pirelli cinturato road tube type bicycle tires with puncture protection

Pirelli’s excellent Cinturato road bike tires get a new tube-type version with a 60tpi casing, full TechWALL+ cut protection, and under-tread puncture protection strip.

The rubber has all-conditions tread grooves and their grippy-yet-durable SmartNET Silica Compound. Available in 26/28/32/35mm widths, weights from 310-420g. Not compatible with hookless rims. MSRP $64.90.

ReTyre makes world’s first recyclable, rubber-free bicycle tires

retyre recyclable bicycle tires with no rubber and eco-friendly bio-materials

Using sustainable, 100% bio-based elastomers, ReTyre bicycle tires can be melted down and re-made into a new tire when it wears out. They say 1.8 billion rubber tires are discarded annually, with no way to repurpose or reuse them at a beneficial scale.

But these can be recycled indefinitely, use up to 90% less energy to produce, and create far lower emissions in production. Because they’re not held to rubber’s limitations, they can give them any performance characteristics they want, in any color (even glow-in-the-dark), and maintain the reuseability.

Specialized Turbo Levo SL Kids 24″ e-MTB

specialized turbo levo sl kids 24-inch e-mountain bike

If you really want your kids to keep up while shredding hard, the new Specialized Turbo Levo SL 24 gives them the same SL1.2 motor, 50Nm torque, and 320Wh battery as the full size bikes, and uses the OS app for OTA updates.

A 100mm Rockshox Recon fork, SRAM Eagle drivetrain & brakes, 24×2.35″ tires, and kid-sized dropper post, bar & saddle finish it off. MSRP $3,999, claimed weight is 36.6lbs. (video here)

absoluteBLACK T-Type oval MTB chainrings

absoluteblack t-type oval chainrings for sram transmission cranksets

absoluteBLACK’s new T-Type oval chainrings for SRAM Transmission groups give you the first elliptical option that’s compatible with the narrower Flattop MTB chains.

The teeth are a bit narrower to fit better between the narrower chain plates, with channels on the wide teeth to help clear mud & grit. Available in 28/30/32/34/36 tooth counts, weights from 54-78g, with 3mm offset to maintain a 55mm chainline. MSRP €96,95 / £85,99 / $105.95, in black, gold, red, and titanium.

GT Fury DH bike adjusts suspension, chainstay & wheel size

2023 GT Fury DH bike with suspension and wheelbase adjustments

The new GT Fury uses a flip chip to swap between 29er and 27.5″ rear wheels, and another to adjust chainstay length by 10mm. A two-position lower shock mount lets you change the progression, altogether letting you tweak for race course or bike park.

The new carbon front triangle drops 300g from the prior model and tuned for some compliance to improve handling. Available as a frameset only for $2,600, the Dream Build shown is from Gee Milner (video here).

Rocky Mountain Slayer goes full bike park

2023 Rocky Mountain Slayer Dh bike park mountain bike

The latest Rocky Mountain Slayer is full freeride & bike park with 180mm travel and mixed-wheel setups (L/XL can also run 29ers all around). Pair it with 180-200mm forks, and use their RIDE-4 four-way shock adjustment & rear axle flip chip to tweak the geo and kinematics.

The new longer/lower/slacker frame gets their PenaltyBox internal storage compartment with included bags & magnetic cover. Single-tool adjustments, shielded bearings & guided internal routing make maintenance easy. Available in carbon and alloy models. (video here)

Canyon Neuron:ON CF e-MTB gets more aggressive

2023 canyon neuron-on e-mountain bike with full carbon frame and 140mm travel

The new Canyon Neuron:ON CF carbon e-mountain bike gets a slacker, longer frame than the analog model launched in March, and bumps up to the same 140mm rear travel (140mm forks, too). That, plus a new full-carbon frame that’s 1,700g lighter than the current alloy model make it more capable.

It also switches to a Bosch Performance Line CX motor with 625Wh and 750Wh batteries, giving you all-day riding. The top model comes in at 22.6kg (49.8lb), and bikes start at €4,799 (not available in all markets yet).

Sixpack Racing Millenium ICR internal routing MTB stem

sixpack racing millennium ICR headset with internal cable routing ports for mountain bikes

One of the reasons some major MTB brands are taking a wait-and-see approach to fully internal routing through the headset is that the current solutions present two problems – either they have to go through the stem, which is more difficult to install, or they go through big holes in the upper headset cap, which lets water, dust & dirt enter, too.

Sixpack Racing’s Millenium ICR headset solves by feeding them through a sealed rubber port between the stem and headset cap, keeping things clean inside and out. It holds up to four lines (rear brake, dropper, remote lockout, mechanical derailleur) and even makes height adjustments easy with split spacers.

SQlab 611 Infinergy BSAF foam carbon MTB saddle

sqlab 611 infinergy ergowave activ -2.1 carbon

The SQlab 611 Infinergy Ergowave Activ 2.1 Carbon saddle’s long name comes from its extensive feature list. The BASF Infinergy foam cushions and damps vibrations atop a carbon-infused shell that flexes with you, and that sits atop their elastomer-sprung Active 2.1 pivot that lets it rock side to side as you pedal.

Taped grip sections minimize weight, placed only where needed to keep you from slipping around. The Ergowave design’s taller tail puts your hips in a powerful pedaling position, and five widths ensure it’ll fit any rider. Carbon rails keep it ultralight. MSRP $259.99, available in August.

Kit of the Week

velocio concept SE race cut jersey with luxe bibshorts

Velocio’s Concept SE jersey is a high-performance, race-cut jersey with a unique sleeve cut that fits really well in the riding position. They’re offered in three limited edition colors inspired by race teams and sneaker culture.

They pair well with their Luxe Bibshorts, which come in 8 colors (for men, sadly women’s are only black) so you can match whatever part of the jersey you want. As the name implies, they feel luxurious, with solid compression and wide straps that criss-cross in the back. Both items come in men’s and women’s.

Small Bites


Parting Thoughts

I’m in Europe right now visiting a few brands (stories to come) and seeing the sights, and got so mixed up with jet lag that I thought it was Friday…on Saturday. So, here we are, a day late.

There’s two things from this past week that I’m really excited about. First, SRAM finally having a 12-speed mechanical group for drop bar bikes even if it’s not a pure road group. Honestly, making every mid- and top-level group battery operated bums me out for reasons I’ll share in a longer story some day (I have something special planned).

Second, seeing an upstart like Classified starting to get spec on complete bikes and having so many wheel (rim) partners is really cool. It’s hard enough getting established brands to bet on something new, and harder still to convince us riders to buy something so radically different.

When SRAM first introduced 2x mountain bike groups and 42-tooth cassettes, they seemed special. But they were already working toward a 1x future with giant 50-tooth cassettes, they just knew that jumping from a 3x 36-tooth cassette to a 1x 50T would freak people out, so they had to take us on a journey.

Maybe the move to 1x on cyclocross, then gravel, prepared us for Classified’s Powershift, showing the benefits of simplicity while making us miss the tighter gear steps. I’ve (very briefly) ridden Powershift, and it’s impressive. I’d rock it, which is all the excuse I need to add another bike to the stable (👋 3T!)

Have a great week, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

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