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new KS suspension dropper seatpost for gravel bikes and lightweight gravel suspension fork

This week there’s new suspension for gravel and mountain bikes from KS and DVO, high performance road bike tires from Goodyear and Pirelli, a fast new road bike from Ventum, and several mountain bikes and MTB components from major brands. Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • KS Gravel Suspension
  • Ventum NS1
  • Token Shuriken
  • Goodyear F1 R series
  • Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR
  • SRAM vs TRP
  • Canyon Neuron
  • Marin Alpine Trail E
  • Rotwild R.X275 eMTB
  • Cane Creek Electric Wings
  • 2024 DVO suspension
  • Chris King 6-bolt MTB

KS gravel fork pairs with suspension dropper

new KS GTC gravel suspension fork with cutout lower legs and carbon fiber brake arch

KS Suspension’s lightweight new dropper seatpost has up to 30mm of suspension, and you set the air pressure to tune it to your weight & prefs. Unlike the Reverb AXS XPLOR, this one has suspension even when topped out. Available in 27.2 diameter with 65mm (486g) and 100mm (501g) dropper travel.

The new KS GTC gravel suspension fork comes in around 1,380g (or 1447g with thru axle). The lower chassis has a metal bottom with a carbon fiber brake arch and upper section. Huge cutouts in the legs save weight, and it has external low-speed compression & rebound damping. Available soon.

Ventum NS1 road bike

ventum ns1 aero road race bike with big 700 by 35mm tire clearance
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Designed to deliver a fast ride, nimble handling, and aero gains, the updated Ventum NS1 road bike also gets 700×35 tire clearance and seatstay compliance to boost comfort. And it’s only compatible with electronic drivetrains.

Available in four colors, six sizes, and six builds ranging from $4,199 to $7,999 (plus options, or a frameset for $2,999). The top four builds get a new one-piece bar/stem with fully integrated routing. It’s a pure road bike, but it gets a SRAM UDH, which…seems like foreshadowing?

Token Shuriken offset pulley improves (?!?) Shimano shifting

Token Shuriken oversize pulley cages upgrades start with minimal chain-on-pulley contact for reduced wear, a stiff carbon cage for precise shifting, and massive pulleys and ceramic bearings for reduced drag.

The latest model for Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 & Ultegra R8100 offsets the upper pulley from the cage’s pivot point, which keeps the chain closer to the cassette throughout the entire gear range, especially on the larger 11-34 cassette. They say this makes Shimano’s already fantastic shifting even better.

Goodyear Eagle F1 R leads new road tire range

new Goodyear Eagle F1 supersport and Vector Sport road bike tires shown mounted on bikes
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Goodyear’s new “Short Ply” construction of 150tpi & 120tpi casings reduces overlap under the tread cap to create a more supple tire with some puncture and cut resistance.

New UHP rubber compound on F1 SSR/R models improves grip, durability, and reduces rolling resistance, and a refined “Tubeless Complete” bead shape further improves air retention and setup ease. Models are:

  • Eagle F1 SuperSport R – Race tire, UHP, Tubeless Complete, 25/28/30 sizes, 235g-275g, 150tpi
  • Eagle F1 R – Road/Race tire, UHP, Tubeless Complete, R-Shield puncture layer, 25/28/30/32/34 sizes, 280g-375g, 120tpi
  • Eagle – Road tire, Tubeless Ready, R-Shield, 25/28/30/32 sizes, 280g-345g, 60tpi
  • Vector Sport – Endurance road, Tubeless Ready, dual tread pattern w/ thicker tread cap for longer mileage, double R-Shield layer, 25/28/30/32 sizes, 320g-400g, 60tpi

Tube-type versions are also available, but why?

Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR now faster, more tubeless

new pirelli p-zero race TLR tubeless ready road bike tires

One of my all-time favorite tires gets better. The updated Pirelli P-Zero Race TLR gets a new SpeedCORE layer, a unique, Aramid-enhanced rubber liner on the inside of the tire that improves air retention and puncture resistance.

It’s thinner & lighter than a typical butyl rubber liner, so it’s more supple, with the bonus of adding puncture protection. This keeps the tire very supple, claiming a 24% improvement in “smoothness”. Available now in 26/28/30/32mm widths, new 35/40mm sizes come later. All but the 26mm are hookless compatible, weights from 275g to 375g.

SRAM Transmission & TRP EVO12 drivetrains

sram transmission eagle xxsl mountain bike group

Perhaps you’ve heard? Two major new drivetrains dropped this week, with the SRAM Eagle Transmission stealing the show thanks to a years-long buildup of industry-wide cooperation to get almost every mountain bike frame ready for the next generation of bulletproof wireless shifting.

Meanwhile, TRP stealthily also spent many years developing a market for their drivetrain through OEM partnerships on brakes and lower-level Tektro spec leading up to their excellent mechanical drivetrain. It doesn’t require a fully proprietary setup, costs a lot less, and performs extremely well, too. Here’s a complete tech overview & comparison of the new groups.

Canyon Neuron wants to be your ultimate trail MTB

2023 canyon neuron trail e-mountain bike with 140mm travel

The 2023 Canyon Neuron 29er gets more trail-worthy geometry, with a lower seat tube & standover, steeper seat angle for a more powerful over-the-pedals riding position, and longer reach with shorter stems.

Now with 140mm travel (up from 130mm) and a 200g lighter carbon frame, it hits that do-anything sweetspot of playful descending and climbing prowess with extra bottle cage and accessory mounts to support longer rides.

The top Neuron CF 9 SL model gets SRAM GX AXS & carbon wheels for $5,499. Three alloy models range from $2099 to $2,599, and there’s also a new Neuron Young Hero youth bike with the same suspension kinematics, but built around 27.5″ wheels for €1,599.

Marin Alpine Trail E-MTBs get bigger batteries

2023 marin alpine trail e base model e-mountain bike with bright blue color

The Marin Alpine Trail E is an affordable alloy e-mountain bike with wide tires on mixed wheel sizes, 150mm rear travel, 160mm forks, and Marin’s very capable MultiTrack suspension, but previously only the top E1 model could fit Shimano’s bigger battery.

Now, the E1/E2 models update to the latest Shimano EP801 and EP6 motors with larger 630Wh batteries. A new, more affordable Base E ($4,499) model gets X-Fusion air suspension & Shimano Deore drivetrain/brakes with a 504Wh battery, but can be upgraded with the larger battery later on.

Rotwild R.X275 eMTB ditches modes for a “Boost” button

2023 rotwild RX275 ultralight e-mountain bike with turbo boost button

The new Rotwild R.X275 Ultra is ultralight at just 15.3kg (33.73lb), thanks to a 1,893g carbon frame with flex seatstays eliminating rear pivots and custom 250Wh battery on the 120mm travel frame with 130mm fork.

It uses the TQ HPR50 motor but without the usual 3-mode switch – you set the assist level through app then just go ride. But, it does have a unique Boost lever that gives you an extra 300W of power (for up to 30 seconds!) for launching up a short climb or ripping a tough section.

Cane Creek Electric Wings 3D-printed Ti e-bike crankset

cane creek electric eewings 3d printed titanium crankset for e-bikes and eMTB

Because if you have a $13k eMTB, why not add a boujee $1,300 crankset? The new Cane Creek Electric Wings are 3D printed from 6/4 titanium, a bit different than the standard eeWings’ double-butted 3/2.5 ti arms with CNC’d 6/4 spindle.

They’re also lighter, at just 383g (mainly because they don’t need a spindle). Designed specifically for e-bikes, they’ll fit Bosch, Brose, Fazua, Specialized, TQ, and Yamaha motors. 165mm length only, ISIS mount, 5-year warranty.

DVO Onyx 38 fork & Garnet 2 dropper get cool new tech

2024 DVO Onyx 38 enduro fork with new air spring and Garnet 2 dropper post with externally adjustable travel.

The enduro-ready DVO Onyx 38 forks boosts travel to 160-180mm on a new 38mm stanchion, 29er-only chassis. The top D1 model keeps their adjustable coil negative spring, but adds a new “SL” air spring option that works like normal, filling pos/neg chambers via transfer port like every other brand.

The D2/D3 models come stock with the SL air spring, with less sophisticated dampers down the line. All three get new automatic vent valves, dual hollow forged crown & floating axle with pinch bolt. Available Fall 2023.

The new Garnet 2 dropper posts comes in 130-160mm and 170-200mm travel options. The collar’s twist-to-adjust bezel letts you change travel in 5mm increments, tool free. Comes with a premium lever for ~$375 later this year.

Chris King 6-Bolt mountain bike hubs are back!

chris king 6-bolt brake rotor mount classic mountain bike hubs are back in stock

With pandemic demand keeping their machines running full tilt until recently, Chris King had limited production where they could. With adapters allowing 6-Bolt disc brake rotors to fit a Center Lock hub, they quit making the 6-Bolt classic mountain bike hubs.

Now they’re back, available in Boost thru-axle spacing, 28 and 32 hole drillings, with HG/XD/Microspline freehub bodies, and all the colors. Sold separately or built into a wheelset. Unrelated, they’ve decided they won’t be a B-Corp after all, and that’s OK.

World’s largest Strava art is a Velociraptor

worlds largest strava art is a velociraptor dinosaur in southern france

Officially recognized by Strava as the largest contiguous GPS ride art, this Velociraptor took four friends six days to cover the 1,024km necessary to create the shape. (full story here)

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