Eurobike Roundup #2 – New Drivetrains, Components & Tools!

TRP x Classified Vistar road and gravel cycling groups with internal geared rear hub and wireless shifting.

In this update, we have some important new drivetrain technology that I think will change the game, particularly the TRP x Classified collab, which is something I want on my bike right now. There are also some very cool new cranks, an e-bike workstand, and more. Plus, check the Small Bites for more cool Eurobike stuff I found around the web. Here’s the best new drivetrains and bikes this week:

  • Classified x TRP
  • DJI’s overpowered e-bike motor
  • Garburuk enduro cranks
  • SRAM S1000 T-Type
  • Bosch AI & autoshifting
  • Feedback Pro E Lift
  • Granite Duet & Juicy Nipple
  • Manitou R8, Mara XC
  • Prologo Predator
  • PRO Vibe Aero cockpit

Check Eurobike 2024 – Part 1 for all the new wheels, tires, and tubeless tech, and stay tuned for Part 3 for the bikes!

Classified x TRP Vistar wireless 1×16 road/gravel bike groups

If anything’s going to bring Classified’s awesome 2-speed internally geared hub to the mainstream, it’s this new Vistar 1×16 group. Co-developed with TRP, it pairs 12-speed cassettes with wireless shifters and rear derailleur to create 15 or 16 unique gear ratios, depending on cassette.

Choose the largest 10-40 cassette and you get 530% range, more than any mountain bike cassette. Or go with one of the narrower range road cassettes for smaller gear steps.

Besides being a 1x system with 2x gear range, what makes this extra special is that it can automatically select the next best gear step by combining hub and derailleur shifts. Meaning you press the paddle to shift up or down, and it figures out which is the next best gear step and changes one or the other or both to get you there. Or not, you can also manually control it all.

Two cranksets offered – Classified’s aero chainring, or a TRP direct-mount 1x. It uses TRP Hywire shifter levers paired with TRP hydraulic disc brakes. Available late Q3 2024, price TBA.

DJI Avinox boosts e-bikes w/ massive 105Nm motor

Known for making the best drones, the new DJI Avinox Drive System might put them on the radar for the best e-bike motor, too. It has a whopping 105Nm of torque, 850W peak power, 600-800Wh batteries, and weighs in at just 2.52kg (5.6lbs), on par with the lightest ultralight eMTB systems out there.

Oh, and it charges to 75% in just 90 minutes, is extremely quiet, has a 2-inch OLED color touchscreen display, wireless controllers for a clutter-free cockpit, is app-customizable, and a Boost mode that jacks things up upon request. The Amflow PL eMTB is the first bike to use it, check that in Roundup #3.

Garbaruk Enduro crankset

The new Garbaruk Enduro crankset is milled from 7075-T651 aluminum in their Polish factory, just like the XC cranks, but have 50% more material for a dramatically stronger design. The arms are machined in two pieces, then bonded together like their XC cranks, with eight bolts to reinforce it and give it a tougher look.

They’re still light, just 461g, but they say they’re strong enough for any enduro, DH, or eMTB riding you can do. They come in 165/170/175 lengths w/ 136.5mm spindle lengths in 30mm or DUB (29mm) diameters. Choose from 8 anodized colors, then mix and match the chainring, extractor, and bolt colors to customize it.

SRAM S1000 Eagle AXS for budget bikes

sram s1000 eagle transmission derailleur shown with a blue sky background.

Now even the most affordable bikes can have Eagle AXS Transmission wireless 12-speed drivetrains. It’s for OE only, but the new SRAM S1000 brings their direct-mount rear derailleur to a wider audience. It’s almost the same as GX with the protected battery, but with a new drag spring cage damper and full black colorway.

The complete S1000 group includes a 10-52 cassette with a two-piece design and crankset w/ integrated bash guards (like GX & XO), too, plus e-bike compatible cranks for various motors. All parts are cross compatible with other T-Type components, plus Flight Attendant and the AXS app.

Bosch adds auto-shifting with new TRP derailleur (Shimano, too)

If Vistar and last year’s EVO MTB group haven’t convinced you TRP is serious about also becoming a drivetrain brand, this new Bosch x TRP E.A.S.I. system should do it. It works with their 12-speed MTB cassettes, has the EVO’s silent clutch and cage release for easy wheel removal, and it’s powered by the e-bike’s battery.

The new Bosch eShift system works with (and powers) either TRP A12 or Di2 Cues, or the Shimano Di2 Nexus, Rohloff E14, and Enviolo internally geared hubs, but the TRP system also keeps a manual shift option. For auto-shifting, set your desired cadence in the Bosch Flow app and it’ll shift for you, even downshifting before a stop so you can start off in an easier gear. It’ll also let you shift while you’re coasting, perfect for getting in the right gear while descending gnarly trails.

Bosch has also updated their Flow App, using AI to end range anxiety. Input a destination and what percent battery charge you want to have when you arrive and it’ll automatically calculate the best route and adjust the bike’s assist level to achieve it. The update also lets you customize the Purion display, and Eco+ mode will now turn off assist except under harder efforts to further extend range.

Feedback Sports Pro E Lift electric workstand

If you’ve ever had to hoist a 50+ pound e-bike into a workstand, then you’ll want the new Feedback Sports Pro E Lift. The electric lift lowers so you can roll the bike into position and use their excellent Speed Ratchet to clamp the seatpost, then use the small foot buttons to have it raise the bike for you.

Min/Max clamp heights are 34″ (837mm) and 76.25″ (1937mm), and it’ll lift bikes up to 110lbs (50kg). Wheels on the back of it let you tilt and roll it so you can easily move it around your workshop. Available January 2025, MSRP $1200 / €1350.

Granite Duet socket set & Juicy Nipple valve cap

Granite Design makes some great on-the-bike tools and accessories, but their new Duet Tool Box adds larger sockets and bits to fix a bike and almost anything else. It has a dual head hex bit and hex socket ratchet wrench, 7 hex sockets, and 11 hex & torx bits for $59.95.

The new Juicy Nipple Schrader valve cap is like their Presta one, except for fatter valve stems. One side is a cap, the other is a valve core removal tool. Perfect for adding some sealant to the tubes inside your kids tires, or the new crop of Schrader tubeless valve stems. Both available mid July.

Manitou R8 fork, Mara XC shock put them back in the game

The new Manitou R8 fork takes their 34mm stanchion XC fork and makes it lighter with new materials and refined lowers and adds bleed screws for atmospheric pressure adjustment. It keeps their easily adjustable Dorado air spring that lets you go from 80 to 120mm travel in 10mm increments, each step changing both positive and negative volumes to keep it properly tuned at any travel.

The new VTT PRO-X damper uses three distinct pistons for three unique tunes based on the terrain. Flip the lever to go between three fixed high-speed settings, each with its own unique low-speed tune. Firm is firmer, trail is supportive, and open is wide open. A tooled low-speed compression adjustment lets you fine tune it to your liking. Claimed weight is 1450g, 29er only, with or w/o remote lockout.

The new Manitou Mara shock gets revised damping architecture and comes in three flavors – a piggy back version (not shown) for gravity adventures and longer stroke inline model for trail to all-mountain, both with their highest volume-ever air can called King Can. For XC bikes, the shorter stroke models get a new lightweight, smaller air can.

Prologo Predator mono-rail saddle saves Pogacar 7 watts

custom darimo seatpost with new prologo predator aerodynamic TT saddle with monorail design.

Tadej Pogacar is racing a special new Prologo Predator saddle at TdF’s TT stages this year. Rather than traditional saddle rails, it has a “monorail” design that attaches directly to the custom Darimo carbon seatpost that Colnago spec’d for his bike.

The saddle weighs just 135g, but more importantly was created in CFD to smooth airflow off his helmet and back, saving up to 7 watts of drag. The shaping and foam maximize pelvic rotation for both comfort and to help him get into (and hold) a more aerodynamic riding position. A detachable rail system lets you replace parts rather than the whole should something break. No word on public availability.

PRO Vibe Aero handlebar & stem keep things adjustable

Most aero bar-and-stem combos are a single piece, which limits your options for adjustments. The new PRO Vibe Aero bar and stem keep things separate, but keep the aerodynamics strong. The bar is super narrow up top (37/39/41mm options), but drops flare 10º. Hoods are angled inward where you mount the levers, and integrated spots for Di2 satellite shifters and full internal routing capability. Weights from 240g. Stems from 209g in 80-130mm lengths.

They’ve also updated their PRO Stealth Superlight road saddle, and now it’s lighter than ever, just 130g thanks to a single-piece carbon fiber shell and rails. It keeps the large cutout and wide nose, helping you comfortably get into a more aerodynamic riding position. Available in 142mm and 152mm widths.

More Cool Eurobike Finds

  • Gravaa €4k wheels adjust tire pressure while riding (BikeRadar)
  • Motion single-sided linkage suspension fork (Pinkbike)
  • Hope Tech adds thru axles and finishing kit (Bikerumor)
  • Lots of killer handmade bikes (Pinkbike)
  • Funn adds kid-sized cockpit components (Bikerumor)
  • Black Math dropper MTB frame…not a post! (Pinkbike)
  • Knog launches compact but bright MTB lights (Bikerumor)
  • Dangerholm’s apocalypse concept bike (Instagram)

Parting Thoughts

Depending on which comments you read and where, people either love or, um, don’t, the new Vistar group.

Personally, having briefly ridden Classified’s hub, I think it’s awesome.

Not only does something like this keep the big guys on their toes, I think it makes their technology way more accessible and desirable.

With their standalone system, there’s a big stumbling block in that you need to add a separate wireless shifting pod to your handlebar to operate it. But thanks to TRP’s involvement, now you get all of the ergonomics and familiarity of a standard drop bar shifter and brake lever.

Kudos to Classified taking a long pull into the headwinds, this could be their breakaway. For a brand like theirs to succeed at scale, they need OE placement, and having a complete group is how it happens.

None of the big drivetrain brands like to (and sometimes won’t) sell partial groups to bike brands. Or, at least, they heavily incentivize complete groups. It makes sense because modern groups are designed to operate as a system, but it makes it very difficult for smaller players to break into the market.

Now, bike brands can spec a complete group that doesn’t start with “S” and that’s probably more affordable than Campy. Not that there’s anything wrong with those groups, they’re all seriously great, but Vistar also looks pretty great, and I’m glad (and hope) more of us will have a chance to try it.

I love seeing upstarts and smaller players make a splash.

What do you think? Would you ride a “2x” group that replaced the front chainset and derailleur with an internally geared hub? I turned comments on for this one, lemme know here or hit reply if you’re reading this by email.


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