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wolf tooth components direct-mount chainrings for sram cranksets with 8-bolt mounting pattern

Wolf Tooth adds 8-bolt SRAM chainrings

Wolf Tooth Components has new round and oval chainrings in 38/40/42/44 tooth counts specifically for SRAM 8-bolt direct mount cranks. These are mostly the cranks that came with Quarq power meter spiders, which have always used the 8-bolt system. But some recent SRAM AXS cranks are using it now, too, since you can upgrade to the one-piece Quarq PM/chainring combo.

The Drop-Stop B tooth (narrow-wide) profile is compatible with all 9-, 10-, and 11-speed chains, as well as 12-speed SRAM Eagle, Campagnolo, KMC, and SRAM Flattop AXS chains. They still come in 3-bolt mounting options, too.

Sub 9kg race-ready Orbea Oiz MTB

orbea oiz full suspension mountain bike under 9kg 20 pounds
Photo: Brujula Bike

Starting with their stock 1,740g frameset (including shock!), the Orbea Oiz OMX is one of the lightest full suspension XC MTB frames on the market. Built with niceties like a 10g CarbonTi bottle cage and 108g Darimo handlebar (that’s a respectable 740mm wide) and Hope XCR brakes (~195g/wheel), the complete bike in race-ready form comes in at 8.85kg.

Built by Brujula Bike as an experiment in functional lightweight, everything used is available aftermarket, including the small things like titanium Kogel bolt kits, Damoff aluminum tubeless valve stems, Ashima ai2 brake rotors, Darimo seat collar, and Bike Ahead BiTurbo wheels. Full build list here.

Hunt Alloy SL wheels are also light, but very attainable

hunt alloy sl road bike wheels are tubeless ready, lightweight, and very affordable

Not everything ultralight has to be ultra froo-froo and expensive. The new Hunt Alloy SL road wheels come in at just 1,443g for $599. Built on their new 20g lighter 6066 Sprint SL disc brake hubs, they get Japanese EZO bearings, a low-friction internal seal on the rear hub, and a perfectly-fine-for-road 7.5º engagement.

Rims are asymmetric and extruded from 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum, with a 25mm deep “V” shape to enhance lateral stiffness. They’re 19mm internal (24mm external), designed for 25-28mm wide tires, but will support up to 700×45. Available direct from HuntCycling.com.

Black Inc’s ZERO disc wheel adds thrust

black inc zero rear disc wheel with lenticular shape to produce thrust

The Black Inc ZERO disc wheel uses a wide, asymmetric, lenticular shape to cheat both the wind, apparently, physics. A large flat section maintains drivetrain clearance before sloping up to the tire. But on the non-drive side, a lenticular shape claims to add up to 20 watts of “thrust” at certain crosswind angles. Meaning, it’s actually using air pressure differentials to create, um, anti-drag?

The design is fully structural and pre-tensioned, supporting a modernly wide (21mm internal) tubeless ready rim optimized for a very specific 26.2mm tire width. At 1,188g, it’s reasonably light for a full disc wheel, too. MSRP is $2,349 (£1,883 / €2,234).

Dometic GO base camp essentials

dometic go new car camping and van life tables, water jugs, faucets, chairs and other gear for road trips

Known for their electric cooler fridges and rooftop A/C units for vanlife conversions, Dometic has launched a full line of equipment to turn any car camping adventure into something a bit more civilized.

Storage, analog hard/soft coolers, tables, and chairs are all there, but the real standout is a rechargeable electric faucet that feeds from any portable water jug. Just press a button and it’ll deliver a steady stream for washing hands, cookware, etc. If you’ve ever had to wash one hand at a time while holding a raelease valve or tilting a jug with the other (very dirty) hand, then you get it.

Lizard Skins re-wraps your brake levers

lizard skins DSP lever grips for mountain bike brake levers so your fingers don't slip off in wet conditions

One of Lizard Skins’ first products and originally made in neoprene, the Lever Grips are back. And, thankfully, not made of neoprene. The new version is called the DSP Lever Grip and uses the tacky material from their bar tape to create a non-slip surface on your mountain bike brake levers.

They’re available in three colors (black, red, gray) and have a universal fit. Each package contains two sets, enough for two bikes, for $12.99. Available now on LizardSkins.com.


fezzari signal peak 2 mountain bike review

Fezzari Signal Peak 2.0

The Fezzari Signal Peak 2.0 is a big improvement over the original, which is saying a lot since that bike was quite good. A light trail bike with 120mm travel front and rear, it drops a massive 1.5 pounds off the frame without giving up strength or stiffness. They even added compliance in the right places to make it a solid all-day performer. I rode both Rockshox and Fox builds and prefer the former, it felt a bit more plush fresh out of the box.

Modern geo and a low-slung design keep the rider over the pedals on the ups, but allows for longer droppers so I could get behind it on the descents. Fezzari’s nailed this setup on the La Sal Peak & Delano Peak, and it’s nice to see it work so well on a short-travel trail ripper, too. If you’re looking for a bike that’ll punch through the rough stuff while pedaling hard, scoot up the climbs, and handle its business on the descents, all at surprisingly affordable price points, it’s worth a look.

Pairs well with…

new belgium summer bliss tropical wheat beer review

The New Belgium Summer Bliss Tropical Wheat is a nearly perfect summer beer. It has the “juicy” flavor and good vibes of a tropical IPA without the hoppy-ness.

As someone who appreciates both but seems to not get along so well with really hoppy beers lately, it’s a perfectly mellow, refreshing finish to a hot ride. Or just workin’ the grill. Or, basically, anytime it’s hot out.

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