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new 4th generation trek domane al alloy road bike

WHOA, there’s a lot of cool new bikes and components this week! Four new road & gravel bikes, a tri bike developed with Red Bull’s F1 tech, two slack MTBs, and some really unique, weird parts and upgrades from boutique brands like Jones, Beast, and Wheels Mfg.

There’s even a rooftop tent that goes on your hitch, a chainless drive-by-wire cargo bike, and more! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Trek Domane AL
  • Ridley Falcn RS
  • Pearson Forge
  • BMC x Red Bull Speedmachine
  • Sklar Supersomething
  • Trek Slash
  • SCOR 2030
  • Maxxis Reaver
  • Jones’ tubeless Schrader valves
  • Beast Hybrid Bar
  • Bontrager thermoplastic wheels
  • Wheels Mfg Solo XD
  • Manitou Mastadon
  • CyclingCeramic pulleys
  • Prototype Pashley cargo bike
  • Thule hitch-mounted tent

Trek Domane AL gets lighter & sleeker, still quite versatile

2024 Trek Domane alloy all-road bike with fender and rack mounts make it a versatile commuter and gravel bike, too.
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The 4th gen Trek Domane AL gets a new full-carbon fork and refined alloy frame for a combined half-pound weight savings over the prior version. It also bumps tire clearance to 700×40 and gets semi-stealth cable routing through the headset.

It’s Trek’s first road bike with a UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger), and it keeps all of its top tube bag, rack, and fender mounts, making it an all-purpose all-road/fast-gravel/commuter bike. Complete bikes from just $1,199.

Ridley FALCN RS is an 825g lightweight aero road bike

2024 ridley falcon rs lightweight aero road bike with sub-850g frame

The new Ridley FALCN RS road bike combines the aerodynamics of their Noah Fast with a frame+fork weight that’s just 110g heavier than their Helium SLX climber’s bike. A slim frontal profile with deeper head tube and airfoil shapes on most tubes, plus an integrated cockpit with narrow one-piece bar/stem units make it fast

Those smaller tube diameters and ultralight carbon layup gives it a claimed frame weight of just 825g (size M). With 34mm tire clearance, it’s their new quiver-killer race bike, designed to do everything well on any course, from Roubaix’s cobbles to climbing the Tourmalet. A removable FD hanger lets you go 1x, too. Bikes from €6,999. (video here)

Pearson Forge road bike gets short geo w/ tall forks

pearson forge road bike with short reach for a more comfortable bike fit with performance handling

The new Pearson Forge road bike’s unique geometry comes from analyzing 2000+ custom frames to create a more comfortable performance bike for most riders. Reach is shorter (565mm ETT on a size 58), and stack is taller, but they maintained a normal-ish head tube height by creating a slightly taller fork.

Longer 50-58mm fork offsets maintain normal-ish handling, proper toe clearance, and standard wheelbase lengths. Aero profiles, 35mm tire clearance, stealth internal routing, and hidden fender mounts round out the design.

BMC Speedmachine x Red Bull Advanced Technologies

2024 BMC Speedmachine designed by Red Bull F1 team for maximum triathlon and TT aerodynamics and improved handling

In development for five years, the new BMC Speedmachine triathlon/TT bike took advantage of Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ F1 experience to create a bike that’s more aero and 500g lighter than the prior Timemachine model, but also more stable and comfortable so you’re faster overall.

A small shark fin under the fork crown, new leading edge designs, and small fins and bulbs elsewhere maximize aerodynamics. Integrated storage makes snacks and fluids easy to reach, and revised rider weight balance and steering geometry leave you feeling fresher at the end of a bike leg. Bikes from $10,999 to $23,000. (video here)

Sklar SuperSomething does all the drop bar things

sklar supersomething steel all-road gravel monstercross bike

The Sklar SuperSomething is the custom builder’s first batch-built bike, and it’s an all-road, gravel, monstercross, whatever-you-want-it-to-be drop bar bike. The double-butted chromoly steel frame & fork will fit up to 700×55 or 27.5×2.1″ tires.

It uses adjustable dropouts that are swappable with Paragon singlespeed or flat-mount dropouts if you like. Six sizes, two colors, and has rack and fender mounts. Frameset is $1,599.

Trek Slash gets down with high pivot suspension

2023 trek slash enduro mountain bike with high pivot suspension

The 6th gen Trek Slash enduro MTB switches to a high-pivot suspension design with rearward axle path for smoother performance that better maintains forward momentum. Rear travel increases to 170mm, matching the fork, and it switches to a mullet format, but with a swappable lower shock mount if you wanna run a 29er rear.

They say the design has no pedal kickback on impacts, and thanks to a larger-than-normal 19-tooth idler pulley, it pedals better than other high-pivot bikes, too. A lower idler pulley takes stress off the derailleur for smoother shifts.

Internal frame storage, under-top tube mounts, leverage ratio flip-chip, and optional adjustable headset cups round things out. Carbon and alloy bikes from $4,399.99 – $11,499.99. (video here)

SCOR 2030 is like a short-travel enduro bike

scor 2030 short travel enduro trail mountain bike

Where most light trail bikes (aka “downcountry”) are like XC bikes with more travel, the new SCOR 2030 is like an enduro bike with less travel. Its 120mm rear travel is paired with 140mm forks and an angle-adjust headset that goes from 65.5º to 64.5º.

The carbon frame has a storage compartment w/ waterproof pouch, under-top tube accessory mounts, and room for a full-size bottle. Five frame sizes get size-specific chainstay lengths, and the multi-link suspension design keeps all the weight low. Bikes from $5,199 – $9,299

Maxxis Reaver gravel race tire

maxxis reaver low profile gravel bike tire for racing

Now their fastest gravel race tire, the new Maxxis Reaver uses a very low-profile paddle-and-file tread center section with small cornering knobs to help it roll very fast.

It gets EXO sidewall protection with 120tpi casings, dual tread compound &black and tan sidewalls. 700×40 and 45mm widths, weights from 437g to 495g. MSRP $70.

Jones Bikes tubeless Schrader valve stems

jones tubeless schrader valve stems

Jones Bikes Schrader Valves offer much higher flow than Presta, making tubeless tires easier to setup. They say the narrower Presta valves were designed for wooden rims, allowing smaller holes so the rims could remain strong, not really an issue for modern alloy & carbon rims.

Sold as a pair ($25, black or silver), one cap is a valve core removal tool, and the other a bleeder. They’re 36.5mm long, so will only work on shallower rims (and, obvi, those with Shrader-sized holes) and weigh 24g/pair.

Beast Hybrid Drop Bar uses MTB brake levers

beast components hybrid bar is a gravel monstercross drop handlebar that fits mountain bike brakes and shifters

The Beast Components Hybrid Bar is a widely flared gravel/adventure drop bar designed specifically for mountain bike brakes & shifters. While building mixed gravel/MTB drivetrains is much easier with modern electronic groups, this lets you turn your MTB into a monstercross bike simply by swapping handlebars. Specs are 350g, width is 460mm at hoods, 600mm at drops. MSRP €499.

Bontrager Aeolus Pro wheels go green w/ thermoplastics

bontrager aeolus pro road bike wheels with OCLV Next thermoplastic carbon fiber rims

We’ve mostly seen thermoplastic carbon fiber mountain bike rims from WeAreOne and Forge & Bond thus far, but now Bontrager is getting into the act with OCLV Next for the new Aeolus Pro 37V & 49V road wheels.

The material avoids toxic epoxies, the rims are recyclable, and supposedly absorb vibrations better, too. The rims require almost no finishing, so they create ~95% less carbon dust, too.

They’re 37mm and 49mm deep with 25mm interior width tubeless-ready rims aero optimized for 28 but fit up to 40mm tires. Weights are 650g/815g (37V) & 690g/865g (49V). MSRP is $839.99 – $959.99 per wheel.

Wheels Mfg Solo XD singlespeed kit for XD freehubs

wheels manufacturing solo xd converts your sram xd/xdr driver body freehubs into a singlespeed

The Wheels Mfg. Solo XD converts your SRAM XD/XDR hub into a singlespeed, using a direct-mount sleeve and spacer design that allows the same cog alignment options as standard HG freehub kits.

It comes with a full spacer kit and 18-tooth cog in 7 different colors (plus this limited edition splatter) for $120. Additional 16t & 20t cogs are $45/ea. Kit weight is 115g.

Manitou Mastodon fat bike fork gets lighter, longer travel

new manitou mastodon fat bike fork with updated 44mm offset and longer travel

The 3rd gen Manitou Mastodon fat bike fork is updated with 44mm offset to better match modern geos. Both Comp and Pro models can be internally adjusted from 80mm to 140mm travel, and the Pro model now extends that to 160mm because…enduro?

Offered in 26″ and 27.5″ sizes w/ a new chassis that drops 106-120g. Updated dampers and internals stay smooth down to -40ºF, and two-piece travel spacers also adjust negative air spring volume as you change the travel.

CyclingCeramic drops prices

cycling ceramic oversized derailleur pulley cage and ceramic bearing pulley wheels.

Thanks to economies of scale and optimized processes, CyclingCeramic’s pulley sets are now €99 (down from €125) and their oversized derailleur cages are €269 (down from €349). That’s $110-$130 and $295 in USD, and they’re available for Shimano, SRAM & Campy derailleurs.

Prototype Pashley Multi-Trike chainless cargo bike

prototype pashley multi trike chainless electric drive by wire cargo bike concept

This Pashley Multi-Trike cargo bike concept uses a drive-by-wire transmission where pedaling turns a generator, which then controls output of twin rear hub motors to propel the bike…there’s no chain or axle, so the cargo can sit much lower between the wheels.

The rear cargo box is the same size as a grocery cart, has a lockable lid, and can also seat two small children, or replace it with a flat bed tray and use their tilting platform to quickly dump your cargo. Planned for a early 2024 release, MSRP target is £6,500.

Thule Outset hitch-mounted tent

thule outset hitch-mount tent for car camping

The upcoming Thule Outset is like a roof-top tent, but it mounts to your hitch and folds up very compactly. It folds open onto it’s own elevated platform and detaches from your car, leaving you free to roam without having to pack up (but maybe use a hitch lock to keep someone else from taking it).

Specs are thin for now, but the video shows it mounting to a European-spec ball-hitch, suggesting global availability. A rolling chassis makes it easy to store and attach, definitely more user-friendly than a roof-mounted tent. Available late Spring 2024, price TBA. (video here)

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