The Mega Eurobike 2022 Roundup

the best eurobike 2022 tech coverage from the lunch ride

With more than a thousand booths, it’s impossible to see it all. But I tried. Here are the best, most interesting new bikes, cycling components, gear, and tech I found at Eurobike…

Road & Gravel

FSA WE 12 speed road bike group with wireless shifting

FULL SPEED AHEAD: The FSA K-Force WE wireless shifting drivetrain group has been a long time in the making, and this latest update gives it a 12-speed cassette, disc brakes, and dual transmission on ANT+ and Bluetooth LE.

It’s still a semi-wireless design – shifters are wireless and use up/down toggle switches to shift, but both derailleurs are wired to the battery. The big change here is that now both derailleurs send and receive signals, so if one fails, the entire system will still shift. And the rear derailleur gets a dual-motor design for more precise shifts. Available in 2023, price TBA but should be similar to Ultegra.

classified wireless shifting rear hub adds major rim partners like enve mavic and reynolds

CLASSIFIED: For a different kind of wireless shifting, Classified announced seven new wheel partners. Now you can get their Powershift hub, which replaces your front 2x chainring and derailleur setup with a more efficient, aerodynamic internally geared system and choose rims from DT Swiss, ENVE, Mavic, FFWD, Spinergy, Boyd, and Reynolds. Or opt for Classified’s own rims, which include several road and gravel options.

new challenge gravel grinder tires get upgraded tread designs

CHALLENGE: The Challenge Gravel Grinder PRO TLR now corners better by moving the triangle knobs directly next to the file tread center, and giving them more overlap with the side knobs. By removing any gaps, they’ve smoothed the transition as you lean into a turn for more predictable cornering. It comes in 700×33, 36 and a new 40mm size.

The handmade Criterium RS TLR road tire (not shown) gets a new grippier, faster compound, a super supple 350tpi cotton casing, and is now compatible with hookless rims. The Strada Bianca (shown, top) gets a giant new 700×45 Handmade PRO TLR version!


sturdy 3d printed titanium crankset has a narrow q-factor and custom lengths

STURDY CYCLES: Based in the UK, Sturdy Cycles’ gorgeous 3D printed titanium cranksets are printed then machined to mate with their titanium spindle, and all hardware is ti, too.

Not only do they have a very narrow Q-factor, they can be printed in custom lengths, too! Price is “if you have to ask…”, and they’re not listed on their website, so you’ll literally have to ask.

ceramicspeed xplr adds oversize derailleur pulley cage for SRAM XPLOR rear derailleurs

CERAMIC SPEED: CeramicSpeed has added XPLR OSPW systems (black, on right) SRAM XPLOR AXS rear derailleurs. They have a shorter cage than other versions, with 13/19-tooth pulleys.

They come with their top-level ceramic bearings with off-road-ready hardened, coated races for improved durability amongst the dust and muck. Available with black, read, blue, or gold alloy pulley wheels for €529, or 3D-printed titanium pulleys for €599.

Their Cerakote MTB OSPW X cages are now available, too. Available for SRAM (AXS & Mechanical) and Shimano 12-speed MTB derailleurs from $839 in bronze, gunmetal, and military green.

split second adds affordable oversize derailleur pulley for shimano 12-speed dura-ace and ultegra groups

SPLIT SECOND: Split Second has been making much more affordable oversize pulley cage systems for a bit now, and their new 12-speed Shimano Road versions for Dura-Ace R9200 and Ultegra R8100 are no different.

They use a carbon cage with 14/17-tooth 7075 aluminum pulleys, but what really sets them apart is the use of fully sealed, dry ceramic bearings. As in, they don’t use any lubrication so that they’ll spin even faster. Retail is just €280, a relative bargain.

Tools & Repair

syncros bottle cage with integrated bike mini tool storage and chain breaker tool

SYNCROS: The new Syncro iS Cache bottle cages securely hold a mini tool under your bottle, plus a small chainbreaker with slots to carry a chain quick link, too. Opt for the bundle with either their 2.0HV pump or CO2 mount underneath the cage to keep inflation handy, too.

clever co2 tools thread onto used co2 cartridges for a handle

CLEVER STANDARD: Clever Standard’s CO2ools cleverly threads a mini 3-way ratchet head or tire plug tool into a spent CO2 canister, using it as a handle instead of landfill fodder. The ratchet handles up to 55Nm torque and fits standard 1/4″ bits.

slug plug groove tool pro mini bicycle ratchet tool with chain breaker

RYDER INNOVATIONS: Ryder’s Groove Tool Pro upgrades the original tools-in-a-tube to an alloy body and sleeve that double as handles, and adds a chain breaker tool, too. With 10 bits included, plus quick link storage, it fits everything you need into a compact package that straps to your seat tube with the included mount.

lezyne tubeless tire puncture repair kits and apple AirTag mounts for your bike

LEZYNE: Flipping the script, Lezyne is prepping tubeless tire plugs that insert from the inside to provide a permanent plug. Using a flat “patch” style base, a plug with a metal tip pushes through to plug the hole, while the patch provides a glued-on seal from the inside. It’s not a trailside repair, rather a once-you-get-home-fix-it-for-good solution.

They’re also launching several Apple AirTag mounts, with under-saddle and under-water bottle mounts to hide them from thieves. The under-bottle cage mount will work on it’s own, too.

Mountain Bike Stuff

kamemo configurable rear air shock and inverted air MTB fork

KAMEMO: New suspension brand Kamemo hails from the German Black Forest and introduced their prototype Tionon F1 fork and R1 shock. Details are scant on the fork other than it’s air, it’s inverted, and can range from 60mm to 160mm travel.

The R1 rear shock is more interesting. It has no external reservoir, instead relying on more-than-usual oil volume inside the shock body to keep temperatures stable under heavy use. And you can use a bio oil, too, not just normal shock oil. 

The high-speed compression shim stack is externally accessible, so you can easily adjust like a pro. Ends are swappable to fit standard or trunnion mount frames, and there’s just 0.4 BAR oil pressure inside (normal is 20-25), so there’s less stress on the system and lighter seals for less friction.

new continental trail and enduro mountain bike tires

CONTINENTAL: Launched earlier this year, Continental’s new aggressive mountain bike tire range trades weird names for even weirder ones. Designed with progressively tougher Trail, Enduro, and Gravity casing options, all start with a supple 110tpi base, add the protection, then give you SuperSoft, Soft, and Endurance rubber compounds on top.

The result is a dizzying array of 27.5 & 29er options (mostly 2.4″, but a couple in 2.6″) across five tread patterns: Xynotal (dry, fast), Kryptotal (F&R versions, dry to moist, all-around), Argotal (loose, loamy, moist to wet), and Hydrotal (basically a mud spike tire).

sram adds grip-shift style twist lock remote locket for suspension

ROCKSHOX: Rockshox has reintroduced its GripShift-like TwistLoc remote. The TwistLoc Gen2 has a dual-cable version to control both fork and shocks simultaneously, but even more importantly allows for 2- or 3-position controls (think “open/trail/lock”).

Another big difference from Gen1 is the lack of a release button; now you just twist to lock, and twist to release. Cheers to not trying to find space for both a lockout lever and a dropper lever!


new prologo scratch NDR and EVA performance bike saddles

PROLOGO: Prologo has entered the mid/short saddle category with the new Scratch EVA (left) and Scratch NDR (center). The EVA is a high-performance women’s saddle, with a wide, flat nose that recesses toward the seating area to disperse and reduce pressure on sensitive soft tissue.

The Scratch NDR is a men’s XC race saddle, with a flat, slightly depressed center and firmer seating area designed for that low, power pedaling position. On the right is the Proxim 850, a full carbon, lightweight 160g eMTB saddle for racing.

selle smp adds short nose saddles with gel padding

SELLE SMP: Selle SMP has always stood out for its very unique saddle shapes. Now they, too, have entered the short-nose category with the VT20 (flatter, on right) & VT30 Gel saddles.

Standard models are 283mm long, but the compact saddles come in at 255mm. Both are 155mm wide and use standard foam with a thin gel layer over top that molds to your body shape. Available with stainless steel ($200) or carbon ($329) rails.

selle italia and selle san marco 3d printed road bike saddles

SELLE ITALIA: Selle Italia’s SLR Boost saddle (left) gets a 3D-printed option in September, with progressive cushioning that puts more support where it’s needed, and a softer feel where it’s appreciated. The oversized Superflow cutout remains intact, and you can get it in S3 or L3 sizes. Not shown, their cushy Flite/SLR/Novus gravel saddles add Blue Granite and Mud Brown color options.

Sister brand Selle San Marco also gets a 3D-printed version of their Shortfit 2.0, their most aggressive racing saddle. It’s tail kicks up more, helping rotate the rider’s hips forward and seat them in a more powerful position. Zoned densities match firmness (or softness) where it’s needed. Both will have carbon and metal rail options, and it looks like the entire Shortfit series gets a 2.0 update.

Random Cycling Bits

bryton gardia will be the most affordable bicycle rear radar tail light

BRYTON: The Bryton Gardia rearview cycling radar could be a category killer if the tech lives up to the spec. With up to 27 hours battery life, computer or app controlled light patterns and prefs, and a built-in gyroscopic brake light, it looks good.

Add in ambient light control from a compatible Bryton cycling computer, and overall cross-compatibility with Garmin & Wahoo units, plus the ability to intensify its flash patterns and brightness based on the speed and proximity of oncoming traffic, and there’s a lot to look forward to. And it’ll only be ~$130!

Out Of optics cycling sunglasses automatically darken lenses with photo sensor

OUT OF: Out Of Optics took their electronic adaptive lens tech from their goggles and put them into an impossibly light (under 30g!) pair of cycling sunglasses.

The secret? A tiny solar panel where the light sensor is stores power. Hit a bright spot and they’ll darken in under 1 second, and lighten just as fast when you’re back in the woods. The change isn’t so drastic to be distracting, just enough to protect your eyes. Available later this year.

tubolito ultralight inner tubes are nearly puncture proof and now come in one size fits all

TUBOLITO: Tubolito has reengineered their surprisingly tough tubes to reduce SKUs by making many options fit multiple wheel sizes. Need an MTB tube? It’ll now work for 27.5 and 29er, from 1.8″ to 2.5″ tires. Same idea for gravel, 650B/700c are now the same tube.

You’ll also find “S-” versions, which are a bit thinner and lighter, but fit two in the space of one if you need to pack tight. For roadies, they finally have Black Valve stem options, too, because they’re faster.

northwave extreme pro 3 and extreme xc 3 shoes get revised tongue and upper design

NORTHWAVE: Northwave’s upcoming Extreme XC2 (left, MTB) and Extreme Pro 3 (right, road) shoes are significant updates to what are already some of my favorite shoes. The big change is the upper, which goes to an open-tongue design rather than the overlapped upper. They say it, along with revised cable routing, will reduce pressure points. Available in September.

restrap race bikepacking frame bags get sleeker

RESTRAP: The Restrap top tube bag has always been one of the longest, leanest bags on the market, but this new “Adventure Race” series slims things down and adds a two-way waterproof zipper. Combine it with their mid-sized frame bag and (not shown) saddle bag and you’ve got a fast, aero setup for credit-card bikepacking or multi-day adventure racing.

A few thoughts

e-Utility is growing like mad. From cargo bikes to urban commuters to kid haulers, electric-assist bikes that can move things are a massive force for the bike industry right now. They’re big in Europe, they’ll be big Stateside soon enough.

Everyone’s got a gravel bike, and there were quite a few good looking ones. No one talks about cyclocross. It’s been that way for a few years now, actually. It’s high time we introduce some barriers (or gymkhana) to gravel races.

Funny enough, I didn’t take any photos of gravel or e-cargo this year. Sorry.

Lastly, the best part of these shows is the people. It’s catching up with industry friends, many of whom I only ever see in person at Eurobike. Our conversations quickly move away from bikes, and they always help me put current events into a global perspective. As much as I love all the shiny new things, I love the people here more.

Everyone should be so lucky to have a truly global network of friends. And everyone should be so lucky to get to experience different cultures at the source. It makes us better global citizens, and better local people.

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