Specialized // Santa Cruz // GoPro // Wahoo // Silca & more!

2024 specialized roubaix SL8 s-works endurance road bike for cobbles and fast gravel races

This week we’ve got four new road bikes, new all-road aero wheels, two eMTBs (including a monstrously over-powered eFat Bike!), a rad steel commuter, and lots of great new tech and products from Silca, Wolf Tooth, Restrap, Pirelli, GoPro, and Wahoo. Plus ENVE’s wheels just got more affordable! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Specialized Roubaix SL8
  • Liv Avail and Giant Defy
  • Bianchi Specialissima
  • Fulcrum aero all-road wheels
  • Santa Cruz e-Heckler SL
  • Rocky Mountain e-fat bike
  • Tout Terrain Nolita GT
  • New Wahoo KICKR & BIKE
  • Silca 3D-printed derailleur hangers
  • ENVE price drop
  • GoPro HERO12
  • Pirelli SmarTubes updated
  • Wolf Tooth 12sp GRX chainrings
  • PNS x Fizik
  • Restrap fork light mount

Specialized Roubaix SL8 is smoother, faster & lighter

2024 specialized roubaix SL8 endurance road bike with suspension stem and flex seatpost for racing on cobbles

The new Specialized Roubaix SL8 endurance road bike tames its cobbled demons better than ever with a new Future Shock 3.0 that gets three different spring rates plus five preload spacers, making it more tunable for different body weights. And there are 3.1 (no damping), 3.2 (adds hydraulic damping), and 3.3 (adds external compression adjustment) options.

The frame is 50g lighter frame (828g size 56 painted, no hardware…S-Works 12r carbon only, all others are 10r) and more aero (saves 4w) thanks to a slimmer head tube and fork. The seatpost clamps 65mm lower than normal, making it a longer lever for more vertical flex/compliance. Tire clearance increases to 38-40mm tires, making it a fast gravel-capable endurance road bike. Bikes from $2,800 to $14,000. (Videos here and here)

Liv Avail Advanced lightweight women’s road bikes

2024 Liv Avail Advanced lightweight carbon women's road racing bike

The 2024 Liv Avail Advanced Pro women’s endurance bike sheds 128.4g (frame & fork combined…frame weight ~785g) while also improving stiffness-to-weight efficiency by 30.18%, yet it’s also compliant. Ultra-thin dropped seatstays and a flex seatpost damp bumps and vibrations from the rear wheel, while the redesigned fork soaks them up from the front.

Ergonomic D-shaped handlebar tubing and an 8-degree flare, plus 38mm tire clearance, add to the comfort. The oversized 86mm BB shell and boxed chainstays put the power down. Full stealth routing, naturally. Bikes from $3,000 to $6,500.

There’s also a new Giant Defy, which is the same but for guys.

Bianchi Specialissima is now less of a specialist

2024 bianchi specialissima lightweight climbers bike is also an aero road bike

The 2024 Bianchi Specialissima RC is a lightweight climber, aerodynamic flat lander, and race-ready handler. A light 6.6kg (14.55lb, size 55, claimed) bike weight makes it faster on climbs, but they say the improved aerodynamics make it faster on lesser inclines, which makes it faster overall.

Weight savings come from thinner stays, an ultralight derailleur hanger, and a special finish on the top Reparto Corse model that saves an additional 40g over standard paint. But it’s still running 32mm tubeless tires for better efficiency, traction and comfort. (video here)

Fulcrum Wind 42/57 wheels bring aero gains to all-road pains

fulcrum wind 42 and 57 aero all-road carbon wheels are lighter and more stable in crosswinds

If you think ultra-aero wheels are purely for road, Fulcrum says “think again” with the new Wind 42 & 57 wheels. They’re a little taller than the prior 40/55 models, and increase interior rim width to 23mm, yet they’re ~100g lighter per set. Claimed weights are 1,510g (42mm) and 1,585g (57mm).

They fit 23mm to 45mm tires and are fine with light gravel use. Crosswind stability is improved thanks to the new rim profile. The solid rim bed is polished smooth for easy tubeless setup w/o rim strips. Spoke nipples rest on bushings for better stress distribution, and hubs have faster engagement, a bearing preload adjustment, and all freehub body options. From $1,614 to $1,644. (video here)

Santa Cruz Heckler SL lightweight trail eMTB

2024 santa cruz heckler sl eMTB e-mountain bike is lightweight and long travel

The new Santa Cruz Heckler SL eMTB gets a Fazua Ride 60Nm motor with 430Wh battery, full carbon frame, and 150mm rear travel w/ 160mm forks, and an average weight of 41lbs (18.5kg).

The light weight and smaller motor gives it the same (claimed) range as a heavier, full-powered e-bike. And the same VPP suspension, mixed wheels, and trail geo gives it the same (claimed) handling as their regular Bronson trail bike. Five sizes, five builds with two carbon fiber levels, from $7,299 to $12,999.

Rocky Mountain Blizzard Powerplay e-fat bike is OP

2024 rocky mountain blizzard powerplay overpowered fat bike eMTB

It’s not just the tires that are big, it’s the power. The new Rocky Mountain Blizzard Powerplay has a massive 108Nm torque (most full-power eMTBs have 80-90Nm)! The 720Wh battery and optional 314Wh Overtime pack provide tons of power and time for shredding pow.

The hydroformed alloy frame holds their proprietary Dyname 4.0 motor, oriented to maintain normal chainstay length, has 27.5×4.5 Vee tires (studs included, not installed), and comes in two models – a SRAM GX/NX build ($6,259) that gets the faster 4A charger, and a MicroSHIFT Advent X build ($5,249) with a 2A charger.

Tout Terrain Nolita GT steel commuter road bike

tout terrain nolita GT steel commuter drop bar bike with integrated lights, dynamo hub, fenders and rear rack

Built off their Stratocrom steel adventure tubeset, the Tout Terrain Nolita GT is a drop bar commuter with built-in, semi-integrated SKS rack and fenders. Available with Shimano GRX 1x or 2x drivetrains, it gets 40mm tires, dynamo front hub, and front & rear lights included. Done working? It makes a fine road & gravel bike, too. MSRP €3,099 to €3,199.


wahoo kickr move indoor cycling trainer with natural fore-aft movement

The Wahoo KICKR MOVE adds 8″ (20cm) of fore/aft movement by putting a slider under the resistance unit. It sits lower so that your front wheel rests (and rolls back and forth) on the ground, and it’s height adjustable to work with 24″ to 29er bikes.

It’s a rocking motion, sliding slightly upward as you go front to back, which helps pull it back to center on its own, and their squishy feet give it a bit of natural side-to-side motion. MSRP is $1,599, other specs are:

  • +/- 1% accuracy
  • 2200w max resistance
  • 20% max grade simulation
  • 11-speed cassette included (wen 12sp?)
  • Works with KICKR Climb with optional adapter
wahoo kickr bike shift affordable indoor trainer smart bike

The new Wahoo BIKE SHIFT is a more affordable version ($2,999) of their original smart bike ($3,999). It still has 5-way adjustment, quick resistance changes, and programmable shift paddles and “gearing” to mimic your real bike.

Key differences from the original are a slightly lower max resistance (2200 vs 2500 watts), and a static position that doesn’t tilt up or down to mimic elevation grades (the original does this from -15º to 20º). It’ll still mimic elevation resistance, it just won’t move like it. Fan and desk sold separately.

Silca 3D-printed titanium derailleur hangers

silca 3d-printed titanium derailleur hangers for shimano sram and campy

I know what you’re thinking because I was thinking it to, but…the new Silca 3DP ti derailleur hangers are up to 10x stiffer than alloy ones, so they’re less likely to bend during light wrecks. But, they can break, with an intentional fracture point designed into it below where it could damage your frame in a major impact.

They’re available in Shimano direct-mount designs (8-10x stiffer) and SRAM/Campy derailleurs (5-6x stiffer) for 9 popular road/gravel bike brands plus UDH/UDH Direct Mount. They’re 2-12g lighter, too. $85-$99.

ENVE drops Foundation Series wheels to just $1,400

ENVE foundation series road, gravel, and mountain bike carbon wheels are now more affordable

ENVE’s Foundation Series wheels cover road, gravel, and mountain bike with more affordable options. They’re still made in their US factory, wind tunnel tested, and use their patented molded spoke hole (as opposed to drilled holes) design, but swap to external spoke nipples to make them quicker and easier to build.

Now they’re just $1,400 (down from $1,600) with either ENVE alloy or Industry Nine 1/1 hubs. Choose from Road (ENVE 45 or ENVE 65), Gravel (AG25 or AG28), and AM30 MTB wheels.

GoPro HERO12 Black now more pro than ever

GoPro HERO 12 action camera specs and features with promo video

If you’re asking “Should I upgrade to the GoPro HERO12?“, here’s the short answers: a) If you’re running anything older than HERO10 and you use it a lot, then sure, probably; b) if you rely on highly polished content to make a living, then absolutely, yes. It introduces three killer new features:

  • Bluetooth compatibility lets you use Airpods, etc., for narration and voice control
  • TImeSync lets you time-stamp multiple cameras in unison by scanning a QR code from their Quik app
  • New Folding Fingers 2-prong mount adds a 1/4-20 thread in between them

The HERO 12 keeps the same sensor, but makes huge improvements in HDR processing, power management (up to 90 minutes 5.3K30!) & Hypersmooth 6.0 that automatically zooms in/out to maximize FOV and stability.

Max Lens Mod expands FOV to 177º, and 8:7 sensor lets you capture everything and crop later, even for vertical social shares. MSRP is $399 with bundles available (it fits the same mods as HERO 10 & 11). Full details here.

Pirelli SmarTube EVO innertubes get lighter & tougher

pirelli smart tube TPU ultra lightweight thermoplastic inner tubes

Pirelli’s original SmarTube EVO thermoplastic TPU innertubes now have 5% less rolling resistance. They’re 50% lighter (just 38g!) than latex inner tubes, yet roll just as smoothly. Available in one size to fit 700×25-28 road tires, with 42/60/80mm valve stem options.

The new SmarTube X replaces the Cinturato (gravel) and Scorpion (MTB) sizes with a 3x thicker casing to improve durability. It’s ~150g (a typical 29er tube is ~200g) and rolls up to about half the size of a typical butyl rubber tube. Available later this year.

Wolf Tooth extends GRX 12-speed chainring options

wolf tooth components 12-speed chainrings in more sizes for new shimano GRX gravel group

Shimano’s new 12-speed GRX group offers only 40- and 42-tooth 1x round chainrings, but now Wolf Tooth Components has options from 36-46 teeth, in round and oval shapes. And they’re working on bigger sizes up to 52 for later this year.

Pas Normal Studios x Fizik Ferox Carbon MTB shoes

Pas Normal Studios x Fizik Ferox Carbon off-white mountain bike shoes

With a subtle off-white and dark blue strap, the Pas Normal Studios edition of Fizik’s Ferox Carbon mountain bike (and gravel) shoes are pure eye candy…and virtually sold out from Pas Normal. Fizik has more stock.

Restrap bolt-on Light Mount

restrap light mount bolts into fork mounts and frame rack mounts to add more lighting positions and doubles as a shimano crank tool

I mighta saved the best for last. Restrap’s new Light Mount bolts onto fork and rack mounts, giving you more places to mount front and rear lights, which is awesome.

But the icing on the cake is it’s also a Shimano crank tool, because why not? And it’s only $10.99, just a dollar more than a regular Shimano crank tool that can’t hold your light, so, seriously, why not?

Small Bites

Hot Deals

Parting Thoughts

I’m rushing out the door today, headed to a big gravel race in Pisgah. Both of my buddies I was supposed to race with came down with COVID this week, and the other one never actually signed up (looking at you EM…).

But that’s OK.

Not the COVID part, that sucks. But sometimes it’s nice to just head somewhere alone and chill.

Maybe I’ll venture around the campground and make new friends, or maybe I’ll just park the van and catch up on some other writing I’m doing. I have a couple new projects in the works, I’ll share one of them with you next week.

Until then, wish me luck, it’s gonna be a banger!

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