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silca terra high volume floor pump for mountain bike tires and gravel bikes shown inflating a tire

This week, Silca drops a massive collection of awesome (and expensive) new products, Yeti rounds out its SB mountain bike lineup, Magura speeds up its wireless dropper, a wild & wavy new rim design, two unbelievably affordable bikes from 8bar and Polygon, scammer alert, Hans Rey drops a new video, and more! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Silca Terra MTB floor pump
  • Silca Hot Wax X
  • Seriously, more Silca stuff
  • Yeti SB140 trail bike
  • Polygon Collosus N9
  • Starling V3 steel enduro bike
  • Magura Vyron V3 dropper
  • We Are One Convergence rims
  • Berd string-spoke enduro wheels
  • 8bar steel touring bike
  • Wheels Mfg thru axles
  • Fake website scams

Silca Terra MTB & Gravel Floor Pump

closeup features of new silca terra mtb and gravel floor pump for high volume tires
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The Silca Terra MTB floor pump first debuted in 1988, but disappeared shortly thereafter. Now, it’s back, with a unique design and gauge optimized for low pressure, high volume tires. The non-linear gauge is extremely accurate (+/- 0.5psi) at the low end, increasing slightly (+/- 2psi) at its 120psi max. And 50% of the huge 3″ (76mm) face shows the first 30psi for easily setting MTB & gravel tire pressures.

An all-new chuck gets a locking aluminum lever with bleed button and fits Presta & Schrader. The large Ash wood handle and long hose make it easy to use, and the lightweight alloy body makes it easy to travel with. MSRP is $145 (video here).

Silca Hot Wax X, Sealant Remover & Eolo Tire Levers

collage of silca hot wax x chain lube, tubeless tire sealant remover, and CO2 chucks with tire levers

Silca also released Hot Wax X chain lube, which is ~0.5 watts faster & lasts longer than their Secret Blend by using Nanene, an ultra-pure graphene. They say it can give you up to 18,600 miles out of a chain, saves 12w, and is clean to the touch. A 300g tin runs $165 (video here).

Their new Ultimate Sealant Remover ($20, 16oz) claims to break the molecular bond between latex and the surface, helping you get dried tire sealant off your rims, frame, or clothes. New EOLO 2-n-1 Tire Levers ($49) have a forged alloy core with carbon-safe nylon coating and integrated CO2 chuck, and the standalone EOLO IV CO2 chuck ($26) replaces the spring-loaded release mechanism with a dial for finer control.

New Yeti SB140 trail bike completes the collection

new 2023 yeti SB140 trail mountain bike shown in purple from driveside

For the third week in a row, Yeti released a completely updated, longer travel, lower version of their Switch Infinity bike. First it was the SB160, then the SB120, and now the SB140 trail bike gets the revised geometry to gain a bit more travel (140mm rear, up from 130mm on the SB130 it replaces).

Like the others, standover clearance has improved, lowering the center of gravity and allowing for up 150-200mm dropper posts. It fits 29×2.6 tires and improves ground clearance, too. Available in 5 sizes and 10 builds with either 150mm forks (std) or 160mm forks (“LR”), prices from $6,400 to $11,700. Of course, this means all the 2022 bikes are on sale.

Polygon Collosus N9 enduro bike is just $3,499

With a sophisticated 6-bar independent floating suspension delivering 160mm rear travel (170mm fork), a mostly XT drivetrain, Schwalbe tires, Race Face bar & stem, SRAM Code R brakes, and Fox suspension, the new Polygon Collosus N9 is a steal for $3,499.

The 29er wheels roll over everything, and short chainstays and low standover make it very maneuverable. The hologram logos and pearl green color make it look good. Starts shipping soon through BikesOnline.

Starling updates their steel trail, enduro bikes

2023 starling murmur v3 steel long travel trail enduro mountain bike with adjustable travel

Available in three models – Murmer 29er, Twist mullet, and Swoop 27.5 – the Starling V3 mountain bikes get big performance improvements. Main pivots move the bearings to the swingarms for a wider, stiffer stance with easier maintenance.

New adjustable shock mounts let you switch between Trail and Enduro modes, just swap shocks to change travel by 25-30mm per model. Seat angles are a bit steeper, headtube is more robust, and BB is a bit higher for better ground clearance. An alloy seatpost sleeve prevents seized posts. Frames from £1,990.

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Magura Vyron MDS-V3 wireless dropper seatpost

magura vyron v3 wireless dropper post shown with bluetooth remote control

The original was a little slow, but the 3rd gen Magura Vyron MDS-V3 dropper post promises faster drops and returns thanks to all-new hydraulic plumbing and electronic valve circuits inside. A Bluetooth connection between remote and post has near instant communication.

Unlike the Rockshox Reverb AXS, the Vyron uses standard, replaceable CR2 & CR2023 batteries, claiming up to a year of use with zero recharging. Weight is 700g plus 40g for the remote with 30.9/31.6 sizes and 100/125/150/175mm travel options. MSRP is €580, about $300 less than the Reverb. Available in Europe at first, US delivery slated for Summer 2023.

We Are One Convergence rims’ wavy design improves ride feel

weareone convergence carbon MTB rims with wavy spoke bed surface

Designed and laid up in Kamloops, BC, WeAreOne Composites’ new Convergence rims are shallower than their prior model at just 18mm deep, with an alternating wave pattern angling each spoke 7.5º so it’s aimed perfectly at the hub’s flange.

It adds Boston Materials’ ZRT carbon to an all-new layup which, combined with the new shape, has better ride quality than their Union rim with 32% better impact strength. Available as a 29er rim in three widths (plus 27.5″ in 30mm internal width) to fit tires from 2.2″ to 2.6″. Weights from 490g to 525g. MSRP is $475/rim, or $1,799 for a wheelset with Industry Nine Hydra hubs.

Berd Hawk 30 enduro wheels are sub-1400g

ultralight berd hawk 30 enduro trail mountain bike wheels with fiber spokes

Using their ultralight polyethylene fiber spokes laced between Industry Nine Hydra hubs and custom 393g carbon rims made by We Are One, the new Berd Hawk 30 mountain bike wheelset comes in at just 1,397g for $2,195.

The 29er-only rims are 30mm wide internal with a thick 3.75mm lip to absorb impacts. And, they’re just 18mm deep, which works with their spokes to create a very dynamically compliant, vibration-damping wheel. Choose white or black spokes (order white plus a coloring kit to customize them) and Boost or SuperBoost hubs.

8BAR Pankow is a €400 steel touring frame

8bar pankow steel touring bike and frameset

With mounts everywhere for everything, the new 8BAR Pankow V1 Steel touring bike frame is an affordable way to build a bike for any adventure. Frame weight is 2.7kg, cables run external, and it’s ready for disc brakes and 700×50 (650Bx2.1″) tires.

Framesets (€550) come with carbon forks, and complete bikes get either drop or flat bars and start under €2k, letting you build them however you want.

Wheels Mfg launch dual-sided thru axles w/ color caps

wheels manufacturing thru axles with custom anodized color end caps

New Wheels Manufacturing Thru Axles are machined from 7075 aluminum and have a captured rotating washer to prevent frame damage. What sets them apart are the 5mm Hex on both ends, so you can tighten & loosen on either side of the bike. MSRP is $37.95, available in 12/15mm diameters and lots of sizes.

They also offer Thru Axle Caps for them for $9.95/set-of-two to bling out your bike in one of eight colors.

Scammers launch fake sites for SRAM, FSA, Chris King & more

If you’re shopping direct, beware that SRAM, FSA, Chris King, DMR, and others are reporting that fake websites have popped up, sometimes offering deals too good to be true. Always smart to double check against social media accounts if you’re in doubt on any brand. Here are the official website for these three:


Gravel Bike Handlebar Buyer’s Guide

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I published our first buyer’s guide this week, with eight killer carbon and alloy gravel handlebars. If you’re looking for a replacement or just want to upgrade for comfort or weight savings, these are the best ones I’ve ridden.

Black Friday cycling deals

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‘Tis the season, and we’ve been updating our list of Black Friday and Cyber Week deals and discounts all week. Tons here, including some from brands that rarely ever drop their prices.

On Stage

Hans Rey’s latest video, Gritty in Mexico City, is like a tour of the city…on e-mountain bikes.

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