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new 2023 shimano 105 di2 12-speed wireless shifting road bike group

This week’s a BIG one… soooo many brands launched new bikes and gear leading into the 2022 Tour de France. And it’s 4th of July weekend, so there are some big sales listed at the bottom. Coffee up…

Shimano 105 Di2 brings fast, wireless 12-speed shifting

The new Shimano 105 Di2 takes the best tech from Dura-Ace and Ultegra, and offers it for almost half price. There’s a lot to this one, so I’m going a bit bigger than my usual two paragraphs per item.

105 R7100 is 12-speed and semi-wireless, like the others. Meaning, the shifter levers are wireless, and the derailleurs are connected to the seatpost battery with the new, thinner wires.

new 2023 shimano 105 di2 12-speed wireless shifting road bike group closeup details
Click to enlarge for detail. Photos: Shimano

Shimano says it shifts as fast as the top-tier groups, and with 11-34 and 11-36 cassettes paired with 50/34 and 52/36 chainring combos, you can even get sub 1:1 gearing for mountainous terrain. And the cassettes fit on standard 11-speed HG freehub bodies – no new standards here.

The brakes get the same ergonomic updates and wider pad clearance for easier setup. The bleed process is easier thanks to an outward facing caliper port. D-Fly compatibility is built into the rear derailleur, which also has the charging port, and their app gives you complete control over system setup & customization.

They’ve even trickled down respectably lightweight carbon wheels to the 105 level, with tubeless-ready C32 (1,502g) and C46 (1,610g) wheels. Both have a modern 21mm internal width, 32mm and 46mm deep, respectively.

Shimano 105 Di2 Price & Weight comparison

shimano di2 12 speed group weight comparison for dura-ace ultegra and 105
All weights & prices provided by Shimano NA.

Compared to the new Dura-Ace and Ultegra Di2 12-speed groups, 105 is a steal, without weighing much more. Here’s group pricing for everything except the BB, rotors, and battery/wire kits, with standard (non-power meter) cranksets:

  • Dura-Ace R9200 = $3,437
  • Ultegra R8100 = $1,953
  • 105 R7100 = $1,522
  • Di2 Battery + 2x Wires = $185 + $56

Yes, that’s less than half the price of Dura-Ace. The new 105 Di2 should start shipping late summer 2022, and they say the current 11-speed mechanical R7000 105 group will remain in the line for the foreseeable future, but won’t add a cog.

Updated Shimano brake rotors handle more heat than ever

new shimano CL900 and CL800 disc brake rotors for road and gravel bikes with Ice Tech Freeza construction

The new Shimano RT-CL900 (Dura-Ace, left) and CL800 (Ultegra) brake rotors with their ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction, sandwiching a thick alloy core between stainless steel braking surfaces.

The design draws out that alloy core into fins with more robust arm structure, helping them cool faster and resist deformation even on the longest, steepest descents. They claim up to 140ºF heat reduction compared to the non-FREEZA versions they replace. Aimed at road, gravel and XC riders with 140mm and 160mm options. Retail from $61-$86.

Scott Foil RC gets lighter, faster & sexier

2023 scott foil rc ultimate is a lightweight aero road bike
Photo: Scott Sports / Rupert Fowler

Long overdue for an update, the all-new Scott Foil RC reshaped their aerodynamics to take full advantage of the UCI’s more lenient tube shaping rules, and it looks amazing. With stretched fork legs, a deep headtube that acts like a fairing, and cleanly integrated Syncros cockpit parts, it’s a stealth racer they say has 21% less drag than before (with rider on board).

New layups and reduced joints and overlaps also drop weight by 9%, and clever tricks (like a flex seatpost with built-in, removable tail light) make it comfortable, too. Available in 7 sizes, from 47 to 61, and with Shimano and SRAM builds, the only things we’re left wondering is when and how much?!?

2023 Trek Madone SLR gets wildly aero

2023 trek madone slr race road bike with isoflow damping

Even more sharp and angular is the all-new 7th gen Trek Madone SLR, a complete reimagining of their flagship race bike. Chasing the same holy trinity of aerodynamics, comfort, and lightweight, an all-new IsoFlow system damps vibrations and bumps with a thinner top tube and cantilevered seatmast that flexes under the rider w/o sacrificing lateral rigidity.

By integrating the complete cockpit (with 3cm narrower hoods) into the aerodynamics and splitting the seat tube, the Madone SLR saves 19 watts, giving you an extra 60 seconds per hour at 45km/h.

Oh, and it’s ~300g lighter than before in SLR9 trim. Electronic drivetrains only, 28mm tire max. From $7,999 to $13,199

CADEX Tri is a wild, dual-crown Ironman triathlon bike

Cadex Tri ironman triathlon bike with dual crown fork and highly adjustable cockpit with extra small and large frame size options

Bikes like the CADEX Tri are why we thank heaven that UCI rules don’t apply to Ironman Triathlon racing. Like others before it, “rules” don’t apply and we get to see how a dual crown fork with wing-like legs can push the wind around the rider.

Or a snack box & hydration in the downtube, so you don’t have to leave your tuck to refuel. With 1,000 possible fit configurations and five frame sizes, plus easy disassembly into the included travel case, this may look weird, but it looks like a great fit for athletes who want nothing more than to win. Which, pretty much, is every triathlete I’ve ever met.

ENVE G-Series inverted dropper seatpost for gravel bikes

ENVE g-series gravel bike dropper seatpost with inverted design is lightweight and durable.

The new ENVE Dropper Post puts the moving parts up top to get 40mm of travel while making it easy to attach a saddle bag. And it basically wipes itself clean on every drop. It’s all alloy, forged and machined, with a cable-actuated hydraulic cartridge. Use it with their new remote lever, most 3rd party levers, or even a converted left-shifter on 1x bikes.

Specs are: 27.2mm diameter (30.9 & 31.6 shims included), 350mm length. Weight is 395g, or trim off up to 130mm to save up to 50g. Brass keys (versus plastic) inside keep it from swiveling & developing play. Available early July in limited quantities on for $325, add their remote lever for $65.

Specialized S-Works Evade 3, Prevail 3 aero helmets hit Le Tour

new specialized s-works evade 3 and prevail 3 road bike helmets offer lightweight aerodynamics with massive venting for hot weather

Debuting on their pros in the 2022 Tour de France, the all-new Specialized Evade 3 aero helmet gets larger front vents and redesigned exit ports that diffuse turbulence to reduce drag. This keeps its aerodynamics while improving airflow cooling by 10%. Size medium weights are 270g CE/310g CPSC.

The new Prevail 3 replaces even more of the foam cross bracing with an aramid+carbon AirCage that maximizes airflow (~24% more than Prevail II Vent) and distributes impact energy across the helmet to keep it from going straight to your brain. Size medium weights are 260g CE/290g CPSC. Not shown, there’s also a new TT5 helmet for time trials, and it’s much shorter than usual.

Silca Truth tire pressure gauge

silca truth digital tire pressure gauge for road bikes gravel bikes and mountain bikes is highly accurate and made in the USA

Want the same precision tire pressure pros have used to win 5 Paris-Roubaix and countless other races? The Silca Truth Gauge is it. With a 3D-printed titanium valve, Silca chuck, and ABS plastic body with silicone guard and stainless steel connection, it’s pro level with the $250 price to prove it.

It uses a temperature-and-humidity compensated, made-in-USA digital sensor with +/- 0.2%-0.5% accuracy between 0-100psi, drifting to only +/-1% at its max 200psi. An alloy bleed valve lets you release air as slowly as 0.1psi per minute, and the air passage is just 0.5mm, losing only ~0.1psi per reading.

Parcours Alta rolls wide carbon gravel wheels

parcours alta are wide carbon gravel bike wheels with aero shaping and hookless tubeless rims that are very affordable and lightweight

I really like Parcours wheels – they’re lightweight, wide, aero, and super affordable. Their new Alta gravel wheels measure a massive 24mm wide internally (33mm external at the widest point) and 36mm deep, optimized for 38-50mm wide gravel tires.

And they’re light at 685g / 815g (1,500g/set). The hookless rims use a more flexible resin at the edges, helping it absorb impacts without cracking. They’re laced 28/28 with Sapim CX-Ray spokes, available with SRAM, Shimano & Campy freehub bodies, and retail for just $1,199 (£899).

On Stage

This week we have two, and both are incredible. If you only have time for one, watch that drone footage above…the riding itself is next level, but seeing it from a flying follow cam is unreal!

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