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roval alpinist lightweight road bike wheels

Roval Alpinist, Rapide CLX wheels finally go tubeless

The original Roval Rapide & Alpinist wheels were really fast & really light, but not tubeless. And, apparently, they could have been tougher. Now, both get all-new layups and carbon fiber to nearly double the impact strength with even better ability to retain the tire under massive hits.

And they do it without changing the shapes or weights. Although the rims are a bit heavier, new ceramic bearing-equipped hubs drop 50g, the climber’s Roval Alpinist CLX II still comes in at ~1250g (1265g claimed w/ tape and valve stem), with a generous 125 kg/275 lb weight limit, perfect even for weight weenie Clydesdales. Retail is $2,650. Rims are 21mm wide internally and 33mm deep.

For speedsters, the deeper Rapide CLX II keeps the distinct front/rear rim shapes to optimize aerodynmics & stability. Front is 51mm deep x 35mm wide, Rear is 60mm deep x 30mm wide. Both are 21mm wide internally. Retail is $2,800 with ceramic bearings, but more aero-flanged hubs. Both use a tubeless hooked rim rated up to 110psi, but we recommend a little less air for a faster, smoother ride.

DJI Mini 3 adds features and (thankfully) sensors

DJI Mini 3 drone ultralight drone with obstacle avoidance sensors doesn't require a license to fly

The new DJI Mini 3 keeps its 249g weight, making it legal pretty much anywhere without licensing or permits, but adds a lot of useful new tech. The biggest gain is a front/rear/bottom obstacle avoidance sensor array, helping it see (and avoid) its surroundings even while it’s flying autonomously

. . . which leads us to ActiveTrack. Yep, this mighty mite can follow you and do pretty good at not bumping into things. And FocusTrack helps keep you centered, too. Add in huge 34-minute battery life (expandable to 47 minutes!), a higher resolution camera, and multiple preprogrammed QuickShots (like circling you, flying away, boomerang, etc.) and you have a pocket-sized drone that’ll deliver near-pro level results. All starting at $669.

Specialized teases Globe e-bike brand

Specialized Globe cargo commuter e-bike with storage bins and racks

Specialized is hiding a lot behind those cacti, but there a few things we can deduce about the first Globe e-bike. With four 19-liter Fjallraven Coolcave panniers, two water bottles, and rear trunk rack, it’ll have ample cargo space.

Fat tires provide plenty of grip and cush while 20″ wheels and a low-to-the-ground step-thru frame give it a really low center of gravity for beginner-friendly stability and maneuverability. Specialized tells us this is just the beginning, with more bikes and accessories planned. Pre-orders begin late 2022 and deliveries are slated to begin in early 2023.

Ritchey 50th Anniversary Road Logic

Ritchey Logic 50th Anniversary blue steel road bike frameset

With only 150 of these Pacific Azul beauties being produced, you’ll have to act fast to get in the break. Blending the old and the new, this special edition Ritchey Road Logic features Tom’s classic Logic steel tubing, QR dropouts, external cable routing, and rim brakes, with a WCS carbon fork and 1 1/8″ steerer tube. With clearance for 30c tires and a $1,499 price tag (frameset only), it’s a just-modern-enough classic.

Limar goes gorgeously retro

limar bicycle helmets with retro graphics and matching cycling jerseys and sunglasses with designs and colors from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s

Limar’s always made some of the lightest road bike helmets, with minimalist designs and a graphical effort to match. But their new Break—ing The Usual collection is truly inspired, with kits and sunglasses to match.

Four collections capture the vibe of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s with well-matched styles and colors that should stand the test of time (or at least until you wear them out). Each one has 3-4 different helmets, from aero to ultralight. Check out the full collection on their website.

Mission Workshop mini saddle bags go anywhere on your bike

Mission Workshop dropper post compatible seatbag that straps to your top tube or downtube too

Mission Workshop’s new All Conditions Saddle Bag features a flat design with a simple, oversized attachment strap that allows it to clear dropper posts, and to attach to top, down tubes, or just about anywhere you can imagine.

Available in orange, yellow, gray, black, and white, the waterproof Dimension Polyant VX and Hypalon fabrics, plus a YKK Aquaguard zipper, are highly weatherproof and dry quickly. Four inner pockets stabilize the load. Perfect for gravel, road, MTB or whatever. Retail is $58.


Swiftwick flite xt trail socks review for mountain bike and gravel bike riding

Swiftwick Flite XT Trail socks

Designed for hiking, the Swiftwick Flite XT Trail socks are actually the perfect socks for gravel cycling and mountain biking. Here’s why: The Merino Wool upper stays fresh and soft, but tech features throughout make it really tough and comfortable.

A stretchier band around the ankle keeps it from sliding down, and GripDry fibers are like little cushioned traction pads that keep your foot from sliding around in your shoe. Quick-drying wicking materials in the lowers help keep your feet dry, too. I’ve worn them on long days, wet days, and rough days, and they’ve been great everywhere. Retail is $26 for the 5″ cuff.

Pairs well with…

odell brewing sippin pretty fruit sour beers review

Odell Brewing Co. Sippin’ Pretty

Odell’s Sippin’ Pretty Fruited Sour is one of the most refreshing summer beers I’ve had. The low-ish 4.5-5.0% ABV is great for a quick post-ride refresh (drink responsibly, of course).

I’ve only tried the Sippin’ Pretty so far (Acai, Guava, Elderberry), but summer’s just getting started… If you need a sessionable beer to rehydrate yourself, definitely seek this one out.

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