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pirelli cinturato rc gravel racing tires

Pirelli Cinturato RC gravel race tires

Pirelli has expanded their gravel tire line with the new Cinturato RC, using a faster rolling tread layout for mixed surface competitions. Borrowed from their Scorpion XC mountain bike tires, this one gets a low profile, tightly-spaced center tread section and their SpeedGRIP compound for straight line speed.

Intermediate and side knobs are well-supported and get gradually larger for solid cornering on anything from pavement to loose-over-hard marbles. A bead-to-bead puncture protection layer and 60tpi nylon casing add support and durability. Available with black and tan sidewalls in 35/40/45mm widths. Weights are 510g/540g/590g.

Classified G19 2x gravel wheelset

Classified G19 gravel wheelset with 2x wireless shifting built into the hub

If you’re not familiar with Classified, they’re the ones putting an electronic-shifting 2x gearing system inside a rear hub, allowing you to run a 1x drivetrain while enjoying the gear range of a 2x setup. And they’ve launched some impressive builds with Storck, Ridley, and Allied, among others.

Now, the Classified G19 gravel wheelset brings a low-profile carbon gravel wheelset to the mix, offering a wide 25mm internal width that’s a very compliant 19mm deep. And it weighs just 1190g, excluding the included SRAM/Shimano-compatible cassette, thru-axle receiver, and wireless shifter button. MSRP is $2,999 for the kit, compatible with most 12×142 disc brake bikes.

BMC Roadmachine AMP e-road bike

BMC roadmachine amp high performance e-road bike with hub motor and auxiliary battery

The new BMC Roadmachine AMP is their first performance road bike with electric assist, and it does it different than most. Using the high-end Mahle X20 hub motor gave them a traditional look, big tire clearance, and the ability to maximize their Tuned Compliance Concept frame design for long-distance comfort.

Where most hub motors are for cheap bikes, the Mahle X20 uses AI to adapt its output to your input, so it feels more like a mid-mounted drive system…just lots lighter and sleeker. An optional external battery pack extends the range further, and a minimalist control pad on the top tube makes it almost impossible to differentiate from the analog Roadmachine. MSRP $6,299-$8,499.

Mason 105 Di2 equipped road bikes on pre-order

Mason Resolution and Definition road bikes are among first to be available with the new Shimano 105 Di2 groups

UK brand Mason Cycles is now offering their Columbus steel Resolution and Dedacciai aluminum Definition road bikes for pre-order with the new Shimano 105 Di2 group. It’s also going to be available on their Aspect titanium all-road bike. More details here.

Tern NBD is a compact cargo e-bike

tern NBD compact cargo e-bike with integrated rear rack that stores the bike upright

If you need to haul lots of stuff but only have a small footprint, the new Tern NBD e-cargo bike should work. The built-in rear rack doubles as a stand, letting you store the bike upright. And 20″ wheels keep it short and low, so it’s easy to maneuver in and out of tight spaces, whether you’re riding or stowing.

With a svelte alloy frame, suspension seatpost, Bosch motor system with Gates belt drive, and big Schwalbe tires, it’s a quality build all around. There’s even an integrated Abus wheel lock. Two models range from $3,899 to $4,699.

100% launches Peter Sagan’s 2022 sunglasses collection

100% peter sagan cycling sunglasses collection for Tour de France 2022

If you need something to go with that obnoxious Hawaiian shirt (or just want to add a splash of color to your blacked-out look), the new 100% Peter Sagan Limited Edition Collection 2022 is it.

The frames are much brighter and more colorful than any prior PS collection, and the lenses get a “triple layer” purple mirrored lenses. Available in three frame/lens shapes and styles -S2, S3, and SpeedCraft- for $200 each.

Dangerholm Motorhead tribute bike

custom lenny motorhead tribute scott scale ultralight mountain bike built by dangerholm

The latest Dangerholm concept build is this Lenny Kilmister (of Motorhead fame) tribute bike. Built on a Scott Scale RC that’s blacked out with chromed Rockshox SID Ultimate (customized to 104mm travel) and Reverb AXS, the bike also gets a custom Cerakote white Kogel Kolossos oversized pulley cage.

Other parts come from Schmolke, Syncros, Fade, Intend, Trickstuff, and more. Interestingly, he’s using a GX AXS rear derailleur and a Blip Box hidden inside the stem. Watch the full build video to see how it all comes together.


campagnolo ekar review of their mechanical 1x13 speed gravel bike drivetrain group

Campagnolo Ekar gravel group review

The production and shipping delays of 2021-2022 put Campy’s Ekar 13-speed gravel drivetrain on a lot of bikes simply because it was available. Fortunately, it’s also really, really good. Yes, the extra cog adds a lot by smoothing gear steps at the small end of the range, helping keep cadence smooth and output steady.

Despite tight spacing, it shifts flawlessly and has remained perfectly aligned over 800+ miles of road, gravel, and bikepacking. Hood ergonomics are amazing – lean enough for small hands but comfy for big hands, too. And the brake levers are easy to reach from any hand position and provide smooth braking power throughout the stroke.

campy ekar review of their mechanical 1x13 speed gravel bike drivetrain group with closeup detail of the shift and brake levers

My only tiny complaint is the shift lever can get stuck on the inner side of the brake lever if I push it forward as I shift, but it’s rare, and easy to flick loose without drama (it won’t affect braking).

If you’re a fan of mechanical groups and want gear range that’s road- and gravel-appropriate, the Campagnolo Ekar group is astoundingly good. (Check price at Backcountry)

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