Pinarello // Moots // Shimano // Kona // Mavic // Hutchinson & more!

2024 pinarello dogma x endurance road bike with flex stay micro suspension for rough cobble roads and fast gravel

Another big week, with a surprise Moots carbon e-bike, Pinarello’s X shaped micro suspension, high end alloy wheels from DT and Mavic (yep, Mavic!), and a lot of new mountain bikes from brands all around the world. Plus plenty of new and weird components, accessories, and a premium suspension gravel fork without the premium price! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Pinarello Dogma X
  • Moots Express carbon e-gravel bike
  • DT Swiss aero alloy wheels
  • Hutchinson Challenger TLR
  • Kogel Aero Kolossos
  • Shimano crankset recall
  • Mavic AllRoad S wheels
  • Berria Mako
  • Kona Process X alloy
  • Merida OneSixty FR
  • Rockrider 900S
  • Fezzari Explorer Peak
  • SR Suntour gravel fork
  • Old Man Mountain Basket
  • Velocio FW23 gear

Pinarello Dogma X flexes weird new seatstays

2024 pinarello dogma x endurance road bike with curved flexible seatstays
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The latest Pinarello Dogma X endurance road bike has thin, curved seatstays that get an X-shaped cross brace and secondary struts connecting it to the seat tube. They say the design allows for more vertical flex (aka “compliance”) for comfort, but maintains solid lateral stiffness for sharp handling and power delivery.

The additional lower braces redirect some of impact forces and vibrations away from the rider. Tire clearance is increased to 35mm, which also aids comfort. Elsewhere, the frame keeps their asymmetric design to balance drivetrain forces.

2024 pinarello x-series carbon endurance all road bikes with flex seatstays

Below the high-performance Dogma level, the enthusiast X-Series also gets the new flex but without the “X” brace. They also get less fancy carbon fibers and slightly shorter/taller reach and stack to put the rider in a more upright position.

Moots Express carbon gravel e-bike

moots express gravel e-bike with carbon fiber frame

The new Moots Express e-gravel bike promises it’s as much of a Moots as their titanium bikes, just made from carbon and with a motor. A detuned Shimano EP801 motor (it has 60Nm torque rather than the standard 85Nm) helps it get 100+ miles range with the smaller, lighter 504Wh battery. That plus the carbon frame puts it at just 33 lbs for a medium.

closeup details of the new Moots Express carbon fiber gravel e-bike with shimano ep801 ultegra and XT

Shimano Ultegra shifters and brakes let you switch modes with the left-hand shifter, and the 1×11 XT Di2 LinkGlide cassette & derailleur provide wide-range gearing w/ a massive 47t chainring. GRX carbon wheels, 700×50 Panaracer Gravel King SK tires, and Moots’ integrated MOD carbon cockpit come standard for $9,999.

DT Swiss aero alloy wheels make speed more affordable

DT Swiss Aero for All affordable aerodynamic alloy road bike wheels for all road and endurance bikes

DT Swiss has applied their SwissSide-developed aerodynamic profiles to new aero alloy wheels, giving them optimized shapes, hidden internal nipples, and aero spokes. Two versions are offered, AR (all road) with the internal nipples and a 20mm internal rim width for 25mm tires, and ER (endurance) with standard nipples and 22mm internal widths designed for 28mm tires.

Each is laced into two wheel options. The lighter 1600 line ($757) gets a 350 hub with faster 36t SL ratchet rings. The1800 line ($542) gets 370 hubs with standard 18t ratchet rings. Rims are also available separately. (video here)

Hutchinson Challenger TLR road tires has 10,000km tread life

hutchinson challenger tlr endurance training all road tire with extra puncture protection

With a 10,000km (6,213 miles) treadwear rating, the new Hutchinson Challenger TLR might be the only road bike tire you need this year. And next. It has twice the rubber thickness (2.3mm) and a harder, more durable compound in the center, and grippier compound on the sides.

The Hardshield casing has ~2x the puncture protection thanks to Polyamide and Aramid layers between three 127tpi casing layers. Those cover a butyl air retention layer, and the Kevlar bead is covered with a stiffer abrasion-resistant rubber.

All of this makes the tire airtight without sealant, though you’ll still want some for sealing punctures. Available in 25/28/32mm widths for €59.99. Weights are 385g/400g/450g. This replaces the Sector, Intensive & Equinox models. (video here)

Kogel Aero Kolossos OSP

kogel aero kolossos oversize pulley cage for shimano and sram road bike derailleurs

The Kogel Aero Kolossos is now shipping, offering a shielded version of their oversized pulley cage with ceramic bearings. Available for Shimano & SRAM road derailleurs for $599. If you’re looking for marginal gains on your marginal gains, here ya go.

Shimano recalls 700,000 11-speed road bike cranksets

shimano crankset recall includes 11-speed dura-ace and ultegra models made prior to July 2019

Shimano’s 11-speed Dura-Ace (9000 & 9100) and Ultegra (6800 & 8000) Hollowtech II cranksets were made using a multi-piece construction that bonded the parts together.

Some cranksets manufacturered before July 2019 may separate, which could cause you to fall. Even if your cranks look fine, it’s easy to check the model and batch code to see if yours are affected. Shimano will replace all affected units and even provide a rebate to cover any 3rd party power meters you may have installed. Full recall details here.

New Mavic Allroad SL wheels

mavic allroad s sl alloy gravel and road bike wheels with wide rims

If you haven’t heard, Mavic is making a comeback. They’re re-opening in the US with a Waterbury, VT, office, and promising lots of new wheels in 2024. In the meantime, the new Allroad S wheels show off their longstanding alloy manipulation capabilities with a 25mm internal width tubeless-ready rim that needs no rim tape.

It’s designed for tires from 30mm to 64mm wide, weighs 1790g, and costs just €529. A lighter Allroad SL version (shown) gets their 4D rim machining to remove more weight, aero elliptical spokes, and hard ano treatment for a lighter yet tougher rim and 1655g weight for €889. Both use their ID360 freewheel with oversized axle and bearings.

Berria Mako swallows the shock

2024 berria mako full suspension xc mountain bike with rear shock hidden inside the frame

The 4th gen Berria Mako XC mountain bike gets a very bold design, moving the rear shock inside the frame. Travel increases to 113mm (from 105mm), with improved kinematics, a slacker head angle, and shorter chainstays.

The monocoque front and rear sections mean the entire bike is just two pieces, so it’s light. The XCO version uses higher-mod carbon for a 1875g frame weight, and the DC (yep, DownCountry) one is 2,175g. A ultralight sub-200g one-piece bar/stem and flex seatpost with 14mm of “travel” comes on the top race model, others get dropper seatposts. It fits 2.35″ tires and forks range from 100-130mm travel.

Kona Process X alloy enduro & DH bikes

2024 kona process x alloy enduro freeride mountain bike

Following the recent carbon version’s reboot, the new Kona Process X alloy bikes bring long travel shredability to lower price points. The Process X has 162mm of coil-sprung rear travel w/ 170-180 mm forks, 29er wheels (with flip chip for mullet conversions), and retails for $4,499 (CAD: $5,399) w/ Shimano Deore.

The Process X DH keeps the same frame and rear travel, but puts burlier spec, mixed wheels (can convert to full 29er), and a 9-speed DH drivetrain on it with a 190mm dual-crown Rockshox Boxxer fork for crushing park laps. MSRP $4,699 (CAD $5,399) (video here)

Merida One-Sixty FR has the same idea

2024 merida one-sixty fr 600 alloy freeride mountain bike

Merida outfitted their aluminum One-Sixty with bigger suspension, brakes, and spec to get a “super enduro” bike park One-Sixty FR 600 version. It subs in a DVO coil rear shock for 171mm rear travel and a 180mm fork, TRP Trail EVO brakes, and mixed 29″/27.5″ wheels.

Unlike the Kona, it has no rear pivot, instead relying on flexing flattened seatstays to control the frame-size-specific kinematics in a simpler, lower maintainenance design. A lower priced FR 400 model is also available.

Decathlon Rockrider Race 900S

decathlon rockrider 900S full suspension XC race bike

Teased since the 2022 World Cup XCO season, the sports retail chain Decathlon’s Rockrider 900S XC race bike is finally on sale. For $5,999 you get a full carbon 1,980g frame with flex stay rear end and 120mm travel. Complete bikes average 26.1 lbs w/ tubes.

Build specs include SRAM GX Eagle AXS w/ Level T brakes, Rockshox Reba RL fork, SidLuxe shock, Reynolds carbon wheels, Hutchinson Kraken Racing Lab 29×2.3 tires, and Fizik Argo Vento saddle w/ size-specific lengths.

Fezzari Explorer Peak fat bike sneak peek

fezzari explorer peak e-fat bike

Shipping early 2024, the new Fezzari Explorer Peak fat bike eMTB gets a full carbon frame and fork, a Shimano EP801 motor, and custom 720Wh batteries. Upgrade options include a 835Wh battery and Manitou Mastodon suspension fork.

Two builds from $4,599 (Shimano CUES) to $5,499 (SRAM GX Transmission) are $200 off if you pre-order. Both get Maxxis Colossus 27.5×4.5 tires on Sun-Ringle Mulefut wheels.

SR Suntour GVX gravel forks get lighter, better & very affordable

SR Suntour GVX gravel bike suspension forks are lighter and better

Costing hundreds less than Fox & Rockshox gravel forks, the top SR Suntour GVX S gravel suspension forks get their impressive PCS damper, a new hollow crown, lighter 7000-series stanchions, and EQ air spring. Available with or w/or a remote lockout for $550-$575, they fit 700x50mm tires, include a fender, and have 40/50/60mm travel options. Weight is ~1600g, 120g lighter than the original.

The base-level GVX E models keep the EQ air spring, but have a solid crown, 6000-series stanchions and a basic damper for just $350-$375, with or w/o remote lockout. Weight is ~1,740g. Neither is as light as the Rudy or AX, but SR Suntour’s suspension performance is really, really good…and a bargain.

Old Man Mountain aluminum bike basket

old man mountain aluminum bike basket with direct mount to front and rear racks

The new OMM Basket attaches directly to Old Man Mountain’s rock-solid racks, which attach to the thru axle. You’ll need a specific Robert Axle Project thru axle, but the system gives you a stable, rattle-free transport solution.

It’s made of stamped & welded aluminum, sized to fit standard “137” bags, and works with MOLLE-compatible accessories. Weight is 499g, price is $80.

Velocio Fall/Winter 2023 collection

velocio mountain bike hardshell jacket and thermal waterproof bib tights for men and women

Just in time for cooler temps, Velocio’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection includes a new Trail Access Hardshell jacket with over-the-helmet-sized hood, breathable Pertex Air Shield wind/waterproof membrane, and PFAS-free DWR treatment.

New thermal cargo bib tights add a (tiny) pocket, fleece interior, and PFAS-free DWR treatment. Both are available in men’s and women’s versions.

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I’m in the midst of planning a couple of fall road trips that include mountain biking, gravel riding, bikepacking, overlanding, and general exploration of backroads and barely roads.

They say the journey is the real prize, and for me, part of the journey starts weeks or months before the trip with the planning and gear prep.

If you’ve ever laid out your kit the day before a big ride just to stare at appreciate it for a moment before packing it up, then you get it.

I just ordered a GMRS radio for my van, and I’m very excited about it. And I need a fuel canister, and thus some way of storing that fuel canister. Gear, gear, and more gear. I love it.

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