Öhlins // Wilde // CarbonTi // Tern // Wahoo // VeloVetta & more!

new Ohlins RXC34 cross country mountain bike suspension fork on a bike

Öhlins bounces some very unique XC suspension tech, Wilde adds a segmented steel fork, plus aero lights and handlebars and road shoes, carbon brake rotors, freeride-proof MTB wheels square off against pinch flats, a stronger compact cargo e-bike, a reusable helmet, and more cool tech bits. And our new Kit of the Week feature! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Ohlins XC suspension
  • Wilde Rambler All-Arounder
  • Stromer Red Bull Racing e-bike
  • Dangerholm Road Bike
  • Wahoo KICKR ROLLR goes virtual
  • Roval Rapide Cockpit
  • Lightskin NACAROAD
  • VeloVetta aero road shoes
  • CarbonTi rotors
  • Wolf Tooth T-Type rings
  • DT Swiss freeride MTB wheels
  • Tern HSD cargo e-bike
  • Uncharted emergency hip pack
  • Hedkayse multi-impact helmet
  • 1UP USA XD hitch rack

Öhlins RXC34 fork & TXC shocks bring MX tech to XC bikes

Ohlins RXC34 cross country mountain bike suspension fork with TXC02 shock

The new Öhlins RXC fork and TTXC shocks use motocross tech to bridge high- and low-speed compression for better support without giving up any suspension performance. They’re quite interesting, so I’m giving them a few more words than normal (scroll down if you don’t care about suspension tech).

closeup details on Ohlins RXC34 cross country mountain bike suspension fork

While their longer travel forks get separate controls, the RXC34 models use a new 100g-lighter OTX14 damper with a single adjustment dial that adjusts high- and low-speed compression in tandem for three distinct modes – Open, Pedal & Lockout – that balance traction and efficiency accordingly w/ blow off valves for bigger hits in the firmer modes.

Parts without a remote lockout also add a separate low-speed compression dial for more fine-tuning. A bulbous chamber on top of the air spring shaft trades positive air volume for more negative volume, giving it a plusher feel off the top while keeping an XC-appropriate spring rate.

Both the forks and shocks add a new trick, putting a Serial Shim Stack between the low-speed needle port and high-speed shim stack, giving them more control over damping oil flow in the “in-between” speeds, creating a pedaling platform without affecting the other damping circuits’ performance.

What’s really unique is that the middle “Pedal” mode starts slightly firmer than “Open”, but stays softer through mid/end stroke since it’s designed for seated pedaling, where you want it to soak up bigger hits but be efficient on smooth terrain. “Open”, on the other hand, starts softer but ramps up to handle bigger hits when you’re standing and descending.

carbon crown and steerer on Ohlins RXC34 cross country mountain bike suspension fork

Forks are available with carbon fiber or alloy crown and steerers, and come in 100/110/120/130mm travel options, each with its own optimized air spring.

Weights from 1476 (100mm carbon crown) to 1598g (110/120mm alloy crown), prices from $1,190 to $1,390.

new Ohlins TXC cross country mountain bike shocks

The rear shock comes in two models, a smaller TTXC1 with shorter stroke and less air volume, and TTXC2 with more stroke and volume for bikes with a less progressive linkage and more room in the frame.

new Ohlins TXC cross country mountain bike shocks

Positive and negative volume spacers can be used, plus up to three 2.5mm travel spacers, so shops can stock one shock that covers four different stroke lengths…very clever!

Claimed weights from 245-255g, price is $565. Both fork and shock should start shipping in August.

adjustment knobs and remote lockout on Ohlins TXC cross country mountain bike shocks

Lastly, the remote lockout has the same cable pull as Scott’s TwinLock and Orbea’s Squid Lock, so the suspension is immediately compatible with those bikes’ systems, and an adapter lets it work with BMC’s DT Swiss remotes. It even has a mounting point so you can hang your dropper post remote under it, keeping everything under the bar!

Wilde Rambler All-Arounder steel gravel bike

Wilde launched the Rambler SL with a carbon fork just before Sea Otter. Now, the All-Arounder gravel bike pairs the same double-butted chromoly steel frame with a new segmented steel fork to bring the frameset price down to $1,200.

Both use Flat Mount brakes and thru axles, but stick with a straight steerer and threaded BB. Complete bikes from $3,600, available in four sizes.

Stromer ST7 Alinghi Red Bull Racing Edition

Featuring a massive 1440Wh battery good for up to 110 miles of range, the limited edition Stromer Alinghi Red Bull Racing ST7 e-bike gets the Americas Cup team livery, 12-speed Pinion transmission, Gates Belt Drive, and 28mph assist.

It has built-in GPS tracking and automatic remote lock/unlock via Bluetooth. MSRP is $13,999, only 350 are offered.

Dangerholm Scott Foil RC “Liquid” road bike

dangerholm scott foil rc liquid gold custom road bike build
Click any image to enlarge.

Dangerholm’s Scott Foil RC build started by removing ~100g or paint, then clearcoating with a 38g “Liquid Gold” metallic shimmer green clearcoat that fades to gold in the right light.

Components include a 65g Coco Designs Spline saddle, Syncros integrated cockpit, SRAM Red AXS with Truckstuff C22 brake calipers & Dachle Ultra Light rotors, custom chromed Kogel Kolossos Aero pulley cage, 1450g Bike Ahead aero wheels, METI titanium thru axles, and Sturdy Cycles titanium crankset and chainring. Complete bike weight is 15.67lb (7.11kg), check it all out here.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR now works with Zwift, RGT, etc.

wahoo kickr rollr indoor bicycle rollers with wireless connection for virtual cycling worlds

Originally, you had to have a separate power meter on your bike for the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR to connect to Zwift, RGT, and other virtual cycling apps. Now you don’t, but it’ll only show speed and your movement, so you’ll still need a power meter for e-sport competitions.

Roval Rapide one-piece cockpit saves a foot in a sprint

roval rapide cockpit one-piece handlebar and stem for road and gravel bikes

Designed to optimize aerodynamics at the front of the bike, Roval claims their new one-piece Rapide Cockpit saves 4 watts at World Tour sprint speeds, which is good enough for 32cm over 250m. So, if you routinely lose your local city limit sprints, maybe this is the bar/stem for you.

The drops flare slightly for easy transitions and comfy wrist clearance. Available in 15 width x length sizes, all with -6º rise, it’s full carbon with ti bolts and comes in around 330g (100×420). MSRP $600.

LightSKIN NACAROAD aero bike headlight

lightskin naca profile aero light for road and gravel bikes

The LightSKIN NACAROAD headlight uses a NACA profile aero shape to reduce drag and a two-piece projector assembly to put a bright patch of light directly where you need it without blinding oncoming traffic.

This new “International” version adds two blinking modes (Day, Night) that help cars see you better and prolong battery life. Available pretty much everywhere but Germany, which doesn’t allow blinking lights on bikes. GoPro-style mount required, making it perfect for stacking under your cycling computer.

VeloVetta Monarch is the most aerodynamic road bike shoe

velo vetta aero road bike shoes

Designed to have a smooth frontal area with aerodynamic trailing edge, the VeloVetta Monarch claims to be the most aero road bike shoe ever. Made in Italy, they’re wind tunnel-tested to shave up to 4m20s off a 5-hour century.

The Fastlock flip closure is hidden in the tail, which pulls a cable to snug the top flap over your foot. Flip it down for quick release, snap it shut to lock your foot in place in just seconds, perfect for quick triathlon transitions. A dial lets you preset the desired tension. Available in sizes 38-47, MSRP $405.

Carbon-Ti X-Rotor SteelCarbon disc brake rotors

carbon-ti steel and carbon fiber disc brake rotors for road and gravel bikes

The new Carbon-Ti X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 disc brake rotors use a steel braking surface with carbon fiber carrier, mated with semi-floating titanium rivets. Brake track is 1.8mm thick with rounded edges to comply with UCI rules.

The Center Lock design adds an alloy interface with titanium faceplate. Weights from 68-98g for 6-bolt, and 86-116g for Center Lock, both with 140/160/180mm options. MSRP from €185-220…each.

Kogel Kolossos oversize pulley now for Shimano 105

Kogel Kolossos oversized derailleur pulley for Shimano 105 mechanical and Di2.

Kogel Kolossos 105 brings their oversized pulley and stiff machined alloy cage to Shimano’s 105 group. It fits the R7100 mechanical and Di2 derailleurs with Short (SS) and Medium (GS) cages. They’re on presale for $100 off until June 11, available in Black, Gold, Red, and custom colors.

Wolf Tooth Drop-Stop B chainrings for SRAM Transmission

wolf tooth 12-speed mountain bike chainrings for SRAM Transmission T-Type flat top chains

Well, that didn’t take long. Wolf Tooth Component’s new Drop-Stop B chainrings optimize the tooth profile to work with SRAM’s Flattop MTB chains, letting you swap them out for any 8-bolt, direct-mount SRAM crankset. 3mm and 0mm offsets keep the chainline at the recommended 55mm.

Available in 30/32/34/36 tooth counts for $80-85, weights from 65g to 77g. They’re also working on versions for 104BCD, Race Face CINCH & SRAM 3-bolt direct mount cranks, too, letting you use your current/favorite crankset with the new T-Type groups.

DT Swiss freeride wheels square off against pinch flats

DT Swiss FR 1500 Classic freeride and enduro mountain bike wheels with anti-pinch flat rim design

The new DT Swiss FR1500 wheels are aimed at aggressive freeride, bikepark, and enduro riders that tend to trash wheels and tires. The new rim profile uses a broad, square bead hook with rounded corners to reduce pinch flats.

They’re laced with fewer DT Competition spokes in the front to save a bit of weight, and get 240 hubs with 36-tooth ratchet rings. Inside width is 30mm, claimed weights from 1928g, 29er and 27.5 sizes offered, priced from $1,153.

Tern HSD cargo e-bike now stronger than ever

tern HSD compact cargo e-bike

Now rated for up to 397lb loads (including driver), the updated Tern HSD is still one of the most compact cargo e-bikes, making it easy to handle when handling more stuff.

The frame is stiffer throughout, and rear rack now handles up to 176lbs (80kg), perfect for (some) adult passengers. The Bosch Smart System lets you manage modes & lock/unlock it from an app, and it can stand upright on its tail for really compact storage. MSRP from $4,299 plus accessories. (video here)

Uncharted Supply Park Pack waterproof hip pack

uncharted supply park pack hip pack with waterproof storage and removable water bottle pockets

Uncharted Supply makes compact, well-equipped first aid and survival kits, smartly packed into purpose-built packs (or sized to fit in your own pack). The new Park Pack is their first hip pack, and its waterproof design keeps contents dry…and lets it float.

The waist straps use MOLLE loops to attach included water bottle pockets, or let you attach other gear, bear spray, pouches, etc. MSRP is $119, or bundle with their compact (and excellent) Triage Kit for $149.

Hedkayse indestructible, multi-impact bicycle helmet

hedkayse m24 folding bicycle helmet with multi-impact protection and recycled tarp covers

The Hedkayse M24 helmets use their Enkayse liner, which meets safety standards hit after hit, unlike EPS foam that’s designed to be replaced after one impact.

The design is also foldable, making it easy to store in a bag, and these limited edition ones use upcycled lorry tarpaulin for the shell rather than virgin plastic, making them more eco-friendly and giving each one a unique look. MSRP $191.

1UP USA XD rack handles 150lbs per tray

1UP USA XD heavy duty hitch mount bike rack for e-bikes and electric motorcycles with high weight limit

Got a bunch of heavy e-bikes? Or a sweet e-Moto? Need to transport it? The new 1UP XD (for Xtreme Duty) fits 2″ hitches and starts at $850 for a one-bike unit. Add up to two more trays, each rated for 150lbs, thanks to oversized beams and bolts and everything else.

Kit of the Week

There are so many cool cycling kits out there, I figured I’d start featuring one per week. This week it’s the Search & State Big Block Lightweight Zephyr jersey and S4 Performance Bib Short.

The jersey is between a race and club fit: trim, yet soft and comfortable. Really skinny roadies should size down. Ultralight side mesh panels vent heat, and tiny side pockets are great for stuffing wrappers. Rear pockets could be a bit tighter, and they’re just deep enough for a non-plus iPhone, so keep tabs on contents if you’re getting gravelly.

The bibs have a luxury feel and a chamois that works great for long, planted, base-building rides, and the navy blue color works great with the jersey’s floral back.

Small Bites


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