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2023 Niner RKT 9 RDO cross country race mountain bike

EUROBIKE ROUNDUP #2 – Eurobike 2022 officially starts today, and like yesterday’s pre-show roundup, we have a lot of stuff ready in advance. Here’s the best new items launching today.

Niner RKT RDO race bike is now an actual rocket

Long overdue for an update, the new Niner RKT RDO doesn’t disappoint. The frame is dramatically lower to the ground, making its handling whip fast. Rear travel is 100mm (up from 90mm), paired with a 100mm Fox 34 StepCast fork, because it’s stiffer yet plusher than the slightly lighter 32 SC.

closeup detail features of the new Niner RKT 9 RDO cross country race mountain bike include top tube bag mounts and a flip chip on the lower shock mount

Angles are slacker and more modern, with a flip chip that lets you drop the BB very, very low. A drainage port under the lower shock mount is much appreciated, as are bolt-on top tube bag mounts. Claimed frame weight w/ shock and seat collar is 5lbs, but it feels even lighter. Lots of build options w/ SRAM & Shimano, mechanical & wireless. Pricing TBA, shipping in September.

Garmin Edge Explore 2 and a computer-charging Power Mount

Garmin Edge Explore 2 GPS cycling copmuter may have the longest battery life for navigation, and a new Edge Power Mount cycling computer mount charges your computer while you ride

The new Garmin Edge Explore 2 upgrades the battery life to 16 hours with “demanding use”, and up to 24 hours in battery saver mode. Combine that with pre-programmed bike profiles that help map appropriate routes and built in safety features like Group Track, incident detection and Varia radar compatibility, and you have a very capable GPS cycling computer for just $299.

Bundle it with the new Edge Power Mount for $399 and you have an e-bike-specific mount that’ll keep your device charged indefinitely. Also avaiable separately for $130, the Power Mount works with Edge 530, 830, 1030, and 1040 series computers, too. Must be wired into a compatible e-bike.

Feedback Pro Mechanic HD is the best bike workstand for e-bikes

The new Feedback Sports Pro Mechanic HD is the best bike workstand for e-bikes e-MTB and heavy enduro mountain bikes

Feedback’s Pro Elite workstand was my favorite until I saw this. The new Feedback Pro Mechanic HD is a heavy duty bike workstand that’ll hold up to 120lb (54.4kg) bikes, perfect for enduro bikes, eMTB, and e-bikes in general.

Everything about it is bigger, from legs to knobs to clamp. It’ll hold tubes up to 2.6″ (6.6cm) in diameter w/ a new dial that closes 60% faster and holds 45% stronger. Yet, it’s just 18lb and folds down to just 8″x45″ for travel, fitting in an optional water-resistant carry bag. Retail is $495, shipping in October.

American Classic mountain bike tires are retro affordable

Left to right: Vulcanite (F&R), Tectonite (Front), Basanite (Rear), and Mauka (F&R)

If the brand name seems like a throwback at this point, these prices will definitely take you back a couple decades. The new American Classic mountain bike tires come in Downcountry, Trail, and Enduro flavors, with progressively tougher casings to suit the intended use.

The Mauka 29er downcountry tire gets a single-ply 60tpi casing with lighter protection. The others offer both TR (dual 120tpi) and EN (dual 60tpi) casings, with specific rubber compounds and 2.4″ or 2.5″ widths based on the discipline. All but the Mauka come in 29er and 27.5″ sizes. Retail from $45 to $50 per tire, available now on Amazon.

Enduro Directline derailleur pulleys are better than ceramic

Enduro Directline ceramic bearing derailleur pulley upgrades with teflon-delrin pulley wheels for less friction and chain wear

The Enduro Directline Pulleys take what’s good about about stock derailleur pulleys (including tooth counts), then make them lots better by using their XD-15 ceramic-hybrid bearings. Starting with a proprietary non-corrosive, ultra-smooth and durable steel race, they add ceramic ball bearings then cap it off with an aerodynamic cover.

The pulley is machined from a Teflon-infused Delrin material for less drag/wear on your chain than titanium or alloy pulleys. The upper pulley is designed with extremely tight tolerances for precision shifting, while the lower allows a bit of wiggle to handle chain movement. Available for Shimano 11/12 MTB & 11 Road/Gravel, and pretty much all 11/12 SRAM groups. $129 to $199.

Fulcrum Red Metal / Red Zone mountain bike wheels

Following their higher end wheels (and usually borrowing mother-brand Campagnolo’s tech), Fulcrum has released the Red Zone 5 (XC, marathon) and Red Metal 5 (trail) alloy mountain bike wheels as quality price-conscious options. With sealed, adjustable bearings and shallow but wide asymmetric rims, the main difference is the rim width.

Red Zone 5 gets 27.5mm internal width rims (claimed wheelset weight 1,840g), and the Red Metal 5 gets 30mm internal widths (1,890g). Both used hooked rims and come pre-taped with valve stems installed, ready to roll. Prices from $465 to $506.

DT Swiss Hybrid MTB wheels are made for lightweight eMTBs

DT Swiss Hybrid LS eMTB wheels

You knew this was coming. With e-mountain bikes splintering into ultralights like the Trek E-Caliber, lightweight like the Specialized Levo SL, and then pretty much every other eMTB, it’s only natural that components segment to match.

The new DT Swiss Hybrid MTB LS wheels are aimed at that “lightweight” e-mountain bike category, offering upgraded hubs, internals & spokes to handle added torque and weight, but not overbuilt for a high-torque, 55lb+ bike. Available in carbon ($1,446, from 1691g) and alloy ($692, from 1,894g), in 29er and 27.5″ sizes.

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