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factor ostroy gravel aero race bike

Ironman Kona is next week, where are all the new superbikes?!? At least we’re finally seeing a new-ish cyclocross bike, plus new two new gravel bikes, two new cranks, new MTBs, and more. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Factor Ostro Race gravel bike
  • Litespeed Ultimate G2 gravel bike
  • Canyon Inflite CX bike refresh
  • Ratio converts SRAM 11sp to 12sp
  • Ibis’ new logo & new MTBs
  • Ghost Path Riot eMTB’s wild linkage
  • Bosch’s 400% “race” e-bike motor
  • Hunt carbon-spoked road wheels
  • New cranks by Appleman & Hope
  • Litelok X grind-proof bike lock
  • Predator’s wild aero handlebar

…plus interesting bits from Knog, Silca, and more!

Factor Ostro Gravel bike goes full aero with wider tires

factor ostroy gravel race bike with closeup details of aerodynamic tubes

The new Factor Ostro Gravel bike borrows the aerodynamics from their Ostro VAM road bike, but optimizes the headtube’s shape for the slower speeds of gravel racing. It makes room for 700x45mm tires while remaining very light (900g frame weight) and tough; the layup is reinforced with TeXtreme and Nippon Graphite fibers.

Geometry is dialed for use with 43mm gravel tires (or 32mm if you use it on the road). BLACK INC cockpit and wheels round out the aero package. MSRP from $8,199 to $10,899.

Litespeed Ultimate G2 gravel bike

litespeed ultimate g2 titanium gravel bike with more tire clearance

Litespeed has updated their Ultimate titanium gravel bike with a split seatstay design and custom CNC’d chainstay yoke that opens up the rear end to fit larger 700×48 tires.

They also add lateral & torsional stiffness to improve pedaling efficiency, but custom butting and tube shapes maintain Ti’s signature ride quality. Front-Center increases slightly to update the handling. Complete bikes from $4,950.

Canyon Inflite cyclocross bike udpates spec, but late to the U.S. party

2023 Canyon Inflite cyclocross bikes get new colors, power meters and special DT Swiss carbon wheels

If you needed any more proof that gravel has stolen all of ‘cross’s thunder, the only CX bike “news” we’ve received this year is that Canyon’s Inflite cyclocross bike gets updated colors and builds, with Quarq and 4iiii power meters (and exclusive DT Swiss carbon wheels on top models) in the mix. Unfortunately, the bikes don’t come to North America until August 2023.

Ratio converts 11sp SRAM mechanical road groups to 12-speed

Ratio Ratchet kits convert your 11 speed mechanical sram road and gravel groups to shift 12 speed cassettes

If (like me) you’re lamenting the lack of modern 12-speed mechanical drivetrains but really want to upgrade your existing 11-speed Red, Force, Rival or Apex group, Ratio Technology has you covered.

They offer kits for almost every 1x and 2x combination, from close-range road cassettes to wide-range gravel/MTB cassettes. They replace the ratchet inside your shifters to add a click and re-space the cable pull, and some kits include new pulleys and/or cages. 12-speed mechanical SRAM Red, anyone?

Ibis rebrands, updates Ripley and Ripmo mountain bikes

new ibis ripmo carbon trail bike for 2022 joins new ripley 29er with updated rear swingarm

Ibis has updated their Ripley (29er, 120mm rear, 130mm front) and Ripmo V2S (shown, 29er, 147mm rear, 160mm front) mountain bikes with new rear triangles, switching to a SRAM UDH derailleur hanger for future compatibility.

They go to a wider 55mm chainline, which made room for a stiffer design. Updated hardware and seals improve durability, and new chainstay protection keeps it quieter. Both bikes get sweet new colors, along with…

new ibis cycles logo and branding with graphics showing shock air pressure settings on the downtube

…new branding and graphics. Their new logo is more representative of the Ibis name, looks stronger and more modern, and comes with impressive new graphics on the bikes. A downtube patch shows key specs and a complete sag and rear shock air pressure guide…very handy!

Ghost Path Riot is an extremely light eMTB, also comes motor-free

ghost path riot e-mountain bike with ultralight weight and vertical wheel path suspension

Designed side by side and looking nearly identical, the new Ghost Path Riot (eMTB) & Path CF (analog) mountain bikes use a unique dual-linkage suspension to create a nearly perfectly vertical rear wheel path for extreme traction whether braking, accelerating, or just ripping rough terrain. Travel is 140mm rear, 160mm front, and they roll on 29er wheels.

The top electric version has an incredibly light claimed weight of ~17.5kg (~38.5lb). Yet it cranks out 60Nm of assistance thanks to a nearly silent Fazua Ride 60 motor, using a 430Wh battery with optional 210Wh range extender. High-end spec like Formula Cura brakes, Eightpins integrated dropper posts, Rotor cranks and lots of XTR make them quite interesting, but they don’t ship until early 2023.

Bosch CX Race Limited eMTB motor accelerates faster, goes longer

new Bosch Race Motor has 400% rider power with longer boost period without pedaling

Talk about mechanical doping! The new Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited drive system offers more powerful acceleration and longer boosts to help you win e-mountain bike races. The new “Race” mode delivers 400% of your pedal power, and delivers it quickly so you can rocket out of corners.

It’s 0.3lb lighter than the standard CX motor and gets the “extended boost” feature of eMTB mode, which keeps the power going after your stop pedaling, but extends it for longer so the bike can push through bigger tech sections where you can’t consistently pedal.

Bosch recommends it for experienced riders & top racers, which makes sense. It’s really easy to get out of control on the current Turbo mode in techy terrain, and Race mode accelerates even faster. OEM only, sadly, not an aftermarket upgrade.

Hunt Limitless Carbon Spoke aero road wheels

hunt limitless UD carbon spoke road bike wheels with wide aerodynamic rims

Hunt has added a carbon spoke version of their 48mm and 60mm deep Aerodynamicist road wheels, which feature a wide (21-22.5mm internal, 34-35mm external!), hooked tubeless-ready rim. They say the aerodynamics are similar to the bladed steel spokes (just loads lighter at only 2.7g per spoke), and optimized for 28mm wide tubeless tires.

They get all-new Sprint SLC hubs, which come in at just 90g (F) and 200g (R) with EZO stainless or CeramicSpeed bearings. Wheelset weights are 1511g and 1551g. Wheelset prices from $1,699 to $2,069 depending on bearings & depth.

Appleman launches custom cranks

appleman 2XR crankset in custom lengths and colors for better bike fit and shorter riders

Custom carbon frame maker Appleman’s new 2XR crankset comes in sizes from 135mm to 175mm, in 10mm increments, and are made in the USA. Designed to give riders more options for improving fit, pedal stroke, and even aerodynamics (shorter leg extension reduces your frontal profile), the modular design pairs individual arms, spiders & spindles to fit any bike and drivetrain.

MSRP is $485 in black or silver, or get individual custom colors for the arms (+$50), spider (+$25), or spindle bolts (+$25). 104/110/144 BCD spiders available for 1x and 2x gearing.

Hope adds 155mm crank arms

hope evo cranks in new 155mm length

e-MTBs already run shorter cranks, and many riders are now using shorter cranks on all their bikes to improve ground clearance and create a more efficient pedal stroke. The new Hope Evo 155mm cranks do that and better center your stance to give you a more neutral body position.

Worth a try if descending is a big part of your riding, though they recommend dropping chainring size by two teeth per 10mm reduction in crank length to compensate for the reduced leverage. MSRP is $365 w/ spider, $320 without.

Knog Scout bike alarm tracks your ride on Apple’s ‘Find My’ app

knog scout bike alarm with loud siren and bluetooth tracking with apple find my app

Fitting under a bottle cage, the Knog Scout blasts an 85db alarm if someone moves your bike, simultaneously alerting you through their app. If that’s not enough of a deterrent and they take your bike, you can track it using on the ‘Find My’ app on any Apple device. Tamper-proof bolts secure it to any bottle cage mount, and you can arm it from their app or directly on the device. $59.95.

Litelok X1 bike lock is grinder proof

litelok x1 grinder-proof bicycle lock that can't be cut with an angle grinder

If you’d prefer your bike doesn’t get taken in the first place, the Litelok X1 fuses a “Barronium” composite material over a hardened, fine-grain high-tensile steel core to turn an angle grinder’s energy back onto itself. They say it’ll wear down 5 grinding discs and 2 batteries before the thief will be able to cut through the lock.

A plant-based eco-rubber coating protects your frame from scratches. MSRP is $179.99 and includes a quick-release, rattle-free frame mount.

Predator Major Road handlebar is aero, ergo & wildly advanced

Predator Cycling The Major Road aerodynamic and ergonomic one-piece handlebar and stem with wildly curved shaping

Predator Cycling’s founder lectures to AutoDesk because he’s pushing the boundaries of what can be developed with their software. The Predator Major Road cockpit system uses CFD, FEA & AI with a 3D printed skeleton wrapped with medium- and high-mod carbon fibers plus Kevlar.

It combines radical aerodynamics with ergonomic shapes from drops to center – no matter where you place your hands, it’s optimized for comfort and speed. Available in multiple widths and stem lengths, with optional integrated accessory mounts, claimed weight is sub-400g. Price TBA, coming soon.

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