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evil epocalypse eMTB shown riding down rocky trails

Well, it’s another huge week of new product launches, from eMTBs to mullets, sleek helmets and HUD sunglasses, lights and lightweight saddles, and more!

The Evil Epocalypse eMTB is your electric Wreckoning

evil epocalypse e-mountain bike shown from driveside

Built to blaze over fire and brimstone, the new Evil Epocalypse smashes to hell and back with 29×2.6″ tires, 166mm rear travel, 170mm fork, and their capable Delta Link suspension. A flip chip and available angle-adjustable headset let you tune the ride to lay down the 85Nm of power from a Shimano EP8 motor.

The oversized full carbon frame hides a huge 630Wh battery, with two custom presets to dole it out. Ultra short 442mm chainstays and a 157mm SuperBoost rear axle keep it tight and stiff, while skid plates and rubber slabs keep it safe and sound (free). Bike specs here, check the video here.

Pivot Shuttle SL rethinks ultralight e-mountain bikes

pivot shuttle sl lightweight e-mountain bike shown from drive side

The new Pivot Shuttle SL eMTB comes in as light as 36.25lb (16.44kg) thanks to a fully-integrated 60Nm Fazua motor and 430Wh battery, good for up to 4-5 hours of assist. Both are set low and combined with “progressive trail geometry” and stiff carbon frame to help the bike carve like an analog bike.

A 150mm fork and 132mm DW-link rear travel handle bumps, and a flip chip lets you tweak geo to suit local terrain. The control pad pops up to reveal a USB charging port, and a range extender is coming in early 2023. Available in four sizes & two colors, they start shipping September 15. Watch the video here, full bike specs here.

Santa Cruz Nomad mixes wheel sizes, matches 170mm travel

new 2022 6th generation santa cruz nomad all mountain bike shown from drive side

The 6th gen Santa Cruz Nomad supersizes the front wheel to 29er, keeping its 27.5″ rear, and stacks 170mm travel front and rear to handle the biggest hits and gnarliest trails. Up front is a 38mm stanchion Fox fork, out back is their low-lying VPP suspension so you can hammer the sprints just as well as the chunder.

The suspension is retuned, offering more sensitivity throughout the travel range, creating better traction, and seat angle, rear center & frame stiffness adjust across frame sizes to better fit all riders. A new “glove box” with included tool wrap hides gear inside the frame. MSRP from $5,649 to $11,199.

Unno Dash enduro bike gets a bit bigger, dramatically lower

2022 unno dash enduro all-mountain bike with ultra low suspension design

Unno mas MTB? The updated Unno Dash gets 10mm more travel, going to 140mm rear, 150mm front, and uses a radically lower frame with new suspension layout.

Rolling on 29er wheels, it’ll fit up to 2.6″ tires and is designed to be their most capable all-mountain bike. The new frame is lighter, integrates a hidden storage compartment in the downtube, and comes with their ultra-short one-piece carbon bar/stem combo.

2023 Catlike Whisper 3 helmet reshapes a brand identity

Catlike Whisper 3 road bike helmet is a much sleeker design than their prior models

The all-new Catlike Whisper 3 is a big departure from the wildly unique ovalized air scoop vents that have become the brand’s trademark style. The 2023 Whisper brings a smoother, sleeker look but promises to maintain huge ventilation while adding an internal polymer cage to keep it all together in an impact. It also adds MIPS, and gets a revised, ponytail-friendly retention mechanism. Available Q1 2023.

ENGO 2 heads-up display cycling sunglasses are ultra-light

ENGO 2 cycling sunglasses with heads up display inside the lens

Prior HUD shades have been too bulky & heavy. Weighing just 36g-41g, ENGO 2 cycling sunglasses are only a few grams heavier than normal shades, but add a customizable heads-up display to show cadence, speed, power, elevation, etc., in your field of view.

They pair via Bluetooth with their app, Garmin, and Suunto watches and cycling computers. Gesture control lets you wave your hand in front to swipe thru data fields, and a 12-hour battery life & photochromic lenses mean they’ll work all day. Pre-order now for $329.99.

Wove V8 full carbon TT/Tri saddle

wove handmade carbon fiber saddle for tt and triathlon bikes

Handmade in Boulder, CO, the new Wove V8 TT/triathlon saddle has an ultra-lightweight full carbon construction to come in at just ~140g. The shell and rails are one piece, and it gets 7mm round rails for universal seatpost compatibility.

They say the foam helps damp vibrations, with a smooth cover in the rear and a bit of texture at the front 35mm to keep you planted when tucked in an aero position. The nose is 55mm wide at the tip, and 146mm at the rear, so it works fine when sitting up, too. MSRP is $595, made to order.

Knog Frog lights bounce back, Link lights go big

2022 knog frog bike lights are bigger and brighter, plus blinder link lights fit saddles and rear racks

The Knog Frog lights are back, bigger, better, and brighter than ever. A curved LED chip board provides side visibility, pumping out 45 lumens up front & 25 in back, both getting 50 hours of run time on a quick 3-hour charge. The sleek lights still mount easily with silicone straps, and retail is just $25 each.

The new Knog Blinder Link light provides a bigger, more attention-grabbing facade with versions that mount it under your saddle or on a rear rack. Both pump out 100 lumens, are fully waterproof, rechargeable, and can clip onto your pack or belt when not on the bike. All available late Summer 2022.

Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount disc brake adapter

wolf tooth post mount to flat mount disc brake adapter shown on ENVE fork

Since all new road and gravel bike groups are only offered with flat mount brakes, upgrading an older bike, frame, or fork has been difficult. The new Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount adapter solves that, fitting your flat mount disc brake caliper on a post mount bike. It requires a 20mm rotor upsize, so it’s incompatible with 140mm rotors, but for just $30/wheel including hardware, it’s a cheap way to breathe new life into that old bike.

MADE Handmade Bike Show aiming to replace NAHBS

Scheduled for September 2023 in Portland, OR, the MADE bike show will showcase custom frame builders and boutique brands. Created to “celebrate and support framebuilders and the culture that surrounds them”, booth space will be free for builders, and they already have a lot of well-known folks committed to being there.

As for NAHBS, they’ve cancelled their 2022 event, making it three years in a row without the original, and MADE’s 2023 dates are likely to overlap should NAHBS try again next year.

Pairs Well With…

new belgium fat tire L39ion cycling golden ale beer collaboration

Fat Tire x L39ION have brewed up a limited edition golden ale to benefit the Grow Cycling Foundation. While I haven’t tried it (yet, right James?), it dropped this week and, with hints of lemon peel & sea salt, sounds perfect as a post-ride treat on these currently very hot days. The can’s art is inspired by L39ION’s jerseys and proceeds help the Williams brothers further promote diversity and equity in cycling. Order yours here.

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