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lightweight enve hubs with oversize innerdrive ratchets and bearings and straight pull spokes

This week we have a really cool new hub design from ENVE, an ultralight helmet from Lazer, team replica bikes, training bots, 3D bike fits, a killer new bikepacking tent, and more! Oh, and a road bike that weighs less than 8lbs!!! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • ENVE Innerdrive hubs
  • Lazer Z1 Kineticore
  • Orbea LottoDstny team bikes
  • MyWhoosh training bots
  • Velologic 3D bike fit
  • WTB’s first fat bike tire
  • MSR Hubba Hubba bikepacking tents
  • New trail tools
  • Handup Hi-Vis gloves
  • Fairwheel’s 7.9lb road bike

ENVE Innerdrive hubs get oversized ratchets, lighter weights

cutaway view of ENVE Innerdrive hubs with oversized ratchet rings and direct pull spokes

The new ENVE Innerdrive hubs is their first fully proprietary design, using oversized 42mm hardened steel ratchet rings that sit further inboard and directly over the internal bearings. This creates an ultra-stiff design that’s also more durable since there’s less stress on the bearings.

The hub shells save 60g over prior J-bend models, now just 326g (109g F / 217g R). The new straight-pull spoke design uses custom spokes and spoke hole shaping to prevent twisting, making them easier to build and true, but they’re still compatible with standard straight-pull spokes, too!

Their Perfect Preload system is more durable, too. Hubs are $750/set and available with 40t (9º), 60t (6º), 80t (4.5º), or 100t (3.6º) ratchets, or get them on SES & G Series road and gravel wheels (60t ratchets).

Lazer Z1 KinetiCore road helmet is just 220g with all the safety tech

The new top of the line Lazer Z1 KinetiCore helmet uses their “crumple zone” foam shaping to replace MIPS for rotational impact protection, saving weight and increasing ventilation (they say it cools better than wearing no helmet at all!), moving air from tons of vents all across your head.

The floating headband and RollSys dial pull evenly all around your head, combining with the ponytail-friendly rear cradle for a wide range of comfortable adjustment. Lightweight straps are stitched to eliminate plastic dividers, and they’re made from recycled material. Eyewear dock, rear light mount, and a 5-Star VA Tech safety rating top it off. Six colors, three sizes. MSRP $279.99.

LottoDstny team replica Orbea Orca race bikes

2024 LottoDstny Orbea Orca team replica race bikes

Weighing just 6.7kg (14.75lb), the 2024 Orbea Orca LottoDstny team bikes are light, and now you can buy one just like it. It comes with Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, FSA Powerboat K-Force Team carbon crankset, Vision Metro 5D ACR integrated bar/stem, Oquo 45mm deep carbon wheels (Orbea’s house brand) with Vittoria Corsa Pro G2.0 TLR 700×28 tires, and Selle Italia SLR Boost full carbon saddle.

All for just $11,999. A team-edition Orca Aero (left) will also be available with a similar build, but the aero frame and deeper wheels, for $11,399. Framesets with cockpit are available for both, too.

MyWoosh Transforms Your Training with (Go?) Bots

MyWhoosh companion bots training partners for virtual cycling

In addition to FTP test and lap data updates, virtual training & racing platform MyWhoosh has unleashed bots into their world. Six bots, each with specializations (Climber, Sprinter, Flat Land, Attacker, Smasher, and Mountain) let you ride with or against them to up your training.

You can set their power levels and even adjust their refueling strategy to customize their effect on your training. Here’s a video guide to using them. Also, remember Gobots?

Velogic improves bike fit with dual 3D cameras

Velogic dual sided 3d motion capture bike fit and biomechanics analysis screenshot

If you want the most advanced bike fit that shows individual fit parameters for each side of your body, assesses power output and power balance based on changes, and will even be able to optimize for aerodynamics, then you’ll want to find a fitter with the latest Velogic setup.

It uses two high-tech 3D cameras with advanced motion capture software that can show you video of your fit and overlay pre- and post-fit motion, showing how each change affects your biomechanics. And a database of 18k different bikes lets you see how you’d fit a new model before you buy.

WTB Bailiff winter-specific fat bike tire

WTB Bailiff winter fat bike tire with studdable design and supple lightweight 120tpi casing

Using a variation of their High-Grip compound that’s specially made for cold and sub-freezing temps, plus 312 carbide stud mounting points, the new WTB Bailiff fat bike tire is designed to grip on snow. A true 4.5″ width and supple 120tpi casing let you air down for great flotation.

The knobs are closer together in the center for lower rolling resistance, but still spaced to clear snow and mud. Side knobs get more space between them and reinforcements for good cornering. It’s available with studs preinstalled ($279.95, 1617g) or without ($134.95, 1530g), plus a stud guide to help you customize their placement based on conditions. They’re tubeless ready and come in 27.5″ only.

MSR Hubba Hubba bikepacking tents

Based on their backpacking tent, the MSR Hubba Hubba bikepacking tent comes with and packs into a waterproof handlebar bag with reflective elements to securely mount it to your bike. Extra short 12″ pole segments slide into a dedicated slot for easy packing and setup.

Interior storage net, pockets, and clothes lines make it easy to stow and dry your gear overnight. Reflective guy lines and zipper pulls make it easy to see at night, and a symmetric design makes setup extra easy. Available in 1-person ($499.95, 2lb 13oz packed) and 2-person ($579.95, 3lb 12oz packed) models. An included rainfly adds vestibule space. Footprint sold sep. (Video here)

New trail maintenance tools from Gerber & Silky Saw

silky saw super accel 21 curve folding saw and gerber prybrid cutter multitool

For cutting fallen trees, the new Silky Saw Super Accel Curve 21 folding saw will make short work of them. The Japanese steel with alternating serrated teeth simply destroy wood, making their saws a joy to use. It’s 210g with a 210mm blade, and the ~240mm (9.4″) folded length easily fits in a pack or frame bag. MSRP $49.99.

For smaller stuff and breaking up old trail features, the new Gerber PryBrid Utility Clip has eight tools (utility knife, cord cutter, two flatheads, pry bar, nail puller, bottle opener), is just $20, and comes in three colors. The glass-fiber body keeps weight to just 3.1oz.

Handup adds Hi-Vis gloves with bite

For a RAAAWWRRRing good time on the bike that also helps others spot you, check the new Handup Gloves Hi-Vis Dinosuars print. They’re $29 and come in seven sizes, plus Youth sizes, which add a Velcro wrist cuff, for just $20.

Fairwheel Bikes’ 3.58kg hill climb road bike

fairwheel bikes ax-lightness alpha lightest road bike build is under 8 pounds
Click to enlarge (Photos c. Fairwheel Bikes)

This bike was actually built back in 2017 but just popped up in my feed. Fairwheel Bikes is known for really lightweight builds, but this is the lightest. Built on the AX-Lightness Alpha frame, THM Scapula fork, and wheels with AX-Lightness rims, Tune hubs & Pillar Megalite spokes.

Components include THM Clavicula cranks, Fibre-Lyte carbon chainrings, Yaban titanium chain, Recon alloy cassette, heavily modified SRAM Red shifter lever & rear derailleur, modified Campy front derailleur, Schmolke bar and MCFK stem bonded together by Calfee, AX-Lightness carbon brake calipers with carbon pad holders & cork pads, Alligator segmented cable housing with (now-discontinued) Powercordz cables, Berk Nanolite post/saddle, and Aerolite pedals.

Complete rideable weight is just 7.91lbs (3.584kg). Check out more pics and the complete build spec list at Fairwheel Bikes.

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Parting Thoughts

Those ENVE hubs are what I love about covering the bike industry.

It’s a unique design for a part that hasn’t seen serious innovation in a while.

A part that we all probably assumed was about as good as it was going to get.

I think about this a lot with suspension, too. It’s so good, but every year it gets a tiny bit better. And every once in a while something really interesting happens, like Cane Creek’s Tigon coil-over-air shock.

Some folks get jaded.

That works great for social media engagement. Everyone loves a snarky whiner.

I stay optimistic, excited, and wide-eyed.

That stoke rarely excites the algorithms, but it does wonders for my happiness…I seriously can’t wait to see what’s next and celebrate those who make it!

Here’s hoping we all can look at things with a shiny, happy outlook this year. And here’s to the next groundbreaking design!


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