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coros dura solar-powered gps cycling computer shown on a bike.

This week we’ve got a lot of killer new tech, from always-on cycling computers to holographic smart trainers, plus a few updates to Rockshox’s Flight Attendant suspension. Plus Ritchey brings back the P-29er, Specialized makes another “world’s lightest” bike, Chris King gives you more color options, an inflatable helmet, and more! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Coros cycling computer
  • Saga hologram indoor bike
  • Rockshox Flight Attendant
  • Pinarello Dogma F
  • Colnago V4
  • Specialized Chisel
  • Ritchey P-29er
  • Chris King mix-n-match
  • Ventete inflatable helmet

Coros Dura sola-powered GPS cycling computer lasts forever

Known for their smart fitness watches, the new Coros Dura GPS cycling computer is aimed directly at the adventure cycling crowd with a solar panel that generates TWO hours of power for every ONE hour in the sun. Basically, you should never run out of juice as long as it’s sunny.

It has a 120-hour battery life (that’s 5 days, btw) with all features and GPS running, or 70 hours when using dual-band GPS. But the large solar panel at the top of the unit charges it 2x faster than you’re draining it, so unless it’s always overcast or you’re riding at night, it’ll likely last longer than your adventure without needing to be plugged in.

That’s good because it’s always on, putting itself to “sleep” when not in use, but remaining connected so that your routes, maps, workouts, and updates are always pushed to the device, Strava, RWGPS, etc., without you having to do anything.

It also introduces a dial, so you can scroll through features and options rather than just mash buttons. Or swipe the full-color 2.7″ (same size as Wahoo ROAM) touchscreen. It has onboard barometric, temperature, accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass sensors, plus a built-in bike alarm & crash detection. Pair it with your phone and it can automatically reroute using Google Maps.

It has all the expected speed, power, climb, distance, routing, and other features. Weight is 97g (44g mount), and price is just $249, which is a bargain considering the features. Ships July 1.

Saga holographic indoor trainer bike

You could put an iPad in front of your bike, or you could opt for the Saga HoloBike holographic indoor training bike with a 3D stereoscopic display offering augmented reality without any special eyewear.

The 27″ 4K 3D display makes your virtual cycling world come to life without VR headsets, and the eletromagnetic resistance adapts to the trail or road in real time to create a dramatically more immersive indoor cycling experience. Back it on Kickstarter for $2,599 to get one this December (DYOR, video at KS link)

Rockshox Flight Attendant Trail puts batteries on every fork & shock

Now you can get Rockshox Flight Attendant on the Pike, Lyrik & ZEB forks and Super Deluxe and Vivid Air & Coil shocks. For the forks, it’s attached to the new Charger 3.1 damper on Ultimate level forks, which you can add to any 2023+ model fork by replacing the damper and adding a control module.

For the shocks, the Super Deluxe is available aftermarket in a few select tunes to fit some Specialized, Trek, Santa Cruz & Yeti models, but everything else is available on complete bikes as OE spec only.

New Pinarello Dogma F is demonstrably faster & lighter

It’s 108g lighter, but more importantly, the new Pinarello Dogma F has a 0.2% lower CdA (coefficient of drag). They say that tiny amount is equivalent to saving 175g on the bike.

They did it by narrowing the headtube by using an elliptical fork steerer that runs cables in front of it, narrowing the downtube & giving it a “keel” shape to smooth airflow over the BB shell, and making the fork slimmer and covering the thru axle bolts.

Head angle stays the same but fork offset increases by 4mm, which they say improves handling on speedy descents, but that actually decreases fork trail, which theoretically makes it less stable, so I’m not sure about that claim. Bikes from $14,500. (video here)

Colnago V4 is the same, just more affordable

The new Colnago V4 Series road bikes have a monocoque frameset, same as the V4Rs, just with more affordable builds. The V-series bikes use a lightweight monocoque construction, sitting under the carbon-lugged C-series bikes but possibly lighter, and these new ones come with Ultegra, 105, and Rival builds and slightly down-spec’d but still fully integrated stealth cockpits.

Specialized Chisel is the lightest alloy full suspension mountain bike

By using their advanced hydroforming to create a one-piece seat tube/bottom bracket section that includes the main pivot, Specialized says the new Chisel is 18.5% lighter than the closest competing full suspension aluminum mountain bike. It has the same suspension and kinematics as the carbon Epic 8 World Cup, but starts at just $2,600 for a complete bike.

It uses the same D’Alusio Smart Weld construction as the new alloy Crux, but with 110mm rear travel with flex stays and no rear pivot. It’s paired with 120mm forks and custom tuned rear shocks, it’s a highly upgrade-worthy frame. The top-spec SLX/Deore bike weighs in at 12.86kg (28.35lb). And yes, the Chisel used to be a hardtail, which is all you need to know about what makes for a proper modern XC bike. (video here)

Ritchey P-29er steel XC hardtail makes a comeback

Ritchey P29er steel hardtail xc mountain bike shown in dirt blood color from several angles.

The Ritchey P-29er XC hardtail makes a comeback with a steep 69-69.5º head angle and geometry designed specifically for XC racing on tight, twisty courses. Modern upgrades include Boost axle spacing, stealth dropper post routing (27.2 posts), and 29×2.3″ tire clearance.

The triple-butted Logic steel frame is designed around a 100mm travel fork, 1x drivetrains, and comes in at a claimed 2,380g (5.25lbs) for 17″ frame. Offered in four sizes in this sweet “Dirt in Blood” color for $999.

Chris King mix-n-match headsets now in every color

chris king headsets in mix and match colors for every part.

Originally confined to sunset (past season) colors, the Chris King Mix ‘n’ Match program now includes current, in-line colors and the company’s DropSet headsets. Pick any color for any part to get the color combo of your dreams, starting at $176.

Ventete inflatable helmet collapses to almost nothing

The upcoming Ventete inflatable bicycle helmet folds completely flat, to about an inch thick. It looks cool, expanding outward and taking shape as you inflate through a small valve on one side (presumably through a detachable straw or hose). Details are non-existent, but you can get on their email list for an advance pre-order opp.

Small Bites

Hot Deals

Parting Thoughts

Last week I ranted about bad bike-brand PR, but I’m happy to report that next week I’ll have some good news on that front.

But this week, I wanted to share that the U.S. has decided that tariff relief on e-bikes is no longer necessary, so starting in early July, prices are likely to go up.

The original reduction in tariffs was a temporary COVID-era thing that we all hoped would last, but (for now at least) it looks like it’s about to end. So, if you’re looking at buying an e-bike, now’s the time.

Among others, Rad Power has announced price increases that start in early July, which sucks to have to say out loud, but kudos to them for getting out in front of the bad news and giving everyone a chance to order now at current prices.

Aventon, Ride1Up and others will likely have to do the same, so if you’re in considering an e-bike for commuting, or an e-cargo bike for hauling kids, groceries, whatever (which I highly recommend as an ’round town car replacement), now’s the time.

If you use those links, or forward this to a friend and they use them, it helps me out because I’ll earn a small affiliate commission if you/they buy a bike. It’s small, but it adds up, and I appreciate it. But mostly I just want you to get a deal before prices go up. Because they will, very soon.


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