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breadwinner a-road all road steel bike with stock geometry

This week, we have Breadwinner’s first stock bike, Ritte’s long-teased new Esprit road bike, a sneak peek at new premium road wheels from Astral, Silca’s wax lube cleaner, Campy goes wireless, Cane Creek and FSA add comfort to gravel bikes, plus new wheels, lights, GPS watches, and more! Here’s the best new stuff this week

  • Breadwinner A-Road
  • Ritte Esprit
  • Pinarello x Campy SR Wireless
  • Astral Luna wheels
  • Rolf Prima Ares AR
  • Michelin Power Adventure
  • Silca Wax Off
  • Cane Creek eeSilk Stem
  • FSA VAS gravel stem
  • Industry Nine J-Bend Hydra
  • Reynolds EN/DH wheels
  • TranzX wireless dropper
  • North Shore Billet cranks
  • Knog Blinder
  • Garmin Epix & Fenix Pro

Breadwinner A-Road “Bread & Butter” line brings stock sizes

breadwinner a-road steel all road bike with stock sizing
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The Breadwinner A-Road is the first bike available in stock sizing. Sitting between their B-Road gravel bike and their Lolo road bike, it has that “road bike pop” but also super comfortable with room for up to 700×40 tires (32s with fenders).

It’s Columbus Spirit steel tubing and gets T47 BB, Paragon stainless dropouts, internal routing, fender mounts, and 3 bottle bosses. Complete bikes start at $6,790, custom paint upgrades available. They’re made to order, but with stock sizes rather than full custom, that happens much faster with a sub-6 week turnaround.

Ritte Esprit road bike is all the things

ritte esprit carbon road bike in black

Designed to be the perfect “road bike” no matter how you define that, the new Ritte Esprit is aero enough, with a fully integrated cockpit, and light with a sub-790g frame. The geometry is balanced between racy performance and all-day riding comfort.

Size-specific geometry, tube shapes, fork offsets, and layups all combine to give it precise yet stable handling. This magic unicorn is available now, framesets from $3,950 and complete bikes from $7,900.

Pinarello first w/ new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless

pinarello silver dogma road bike with new campagnolo super record wireless group

This limited edition Pinarello Silver Speedster Dogma F road bike is the first to hit the scene with the all-new Campy Super Record Wireless group. It comes with Pinarello’s Most cockpit with fully integrated brake hose routing and Campagnolo Bora Ultra WTO wheels with Pirelli tires. Available in June, price TBA.

I wrote a full tech story on the new Super Record Wireless group, but the short of it is this: New cassettes with ultra-tight gear steps and 16-tooth gap chainring combos deliver perfect cadence anywhere in the range, and removable derailleur batteries can be charged on or off the bike with a magnetic cable port. And it looks fabulous.

Astral Luna Carbon all-road wheels

astal luna carbon all road wheels with white industry hubs

The new Astral Luna Carbon all-road wheels get 42mm deep, 25mm wide (internal), 420g carbon rims laced 24/24 to your choice of their own Approach hubs (1600g wheelset, $1,899) or White Industries CLD hubs (1520g, $2,099).

Both hubsets are made by White, with the same internals and Enduro bearings, but the CLD gets a bit more machining and ti freehub body, plus better spokes, to save 80g. Designed for 28-50mm tires, they’re OK for smooth gravel but optimized for speed on any level of paved surface, good or bad.

Rolf Prima Ares4 AR all-road wheels

rolf prima ares 4 ar lightweight carbon all-road wheels with twin paired spokes

Astral’s sister company, Rolf Prima, also rolled out new all-road wheels with their paired spoke design. The Ares4 AR have the same 25mm inner rim (31mm external) width but a slightly shallower 40mm depth…and just 20 spokes per wheel.

Despite their wispy appearance, they have no rider weight limit. Claimed weight is 1510g (695g F / 815g R) with Enduro Steel bearings, and titanium freehub body. MSRP is $2,199; ceramic bearing and dynamo front hub upgrades available.

Michelin Power Adventure “Groad” tire

michelin power adventure road and gravel bike tire

The new Michelin Power Adventure tire has a smooth rolling, low-profile tread for those 80% road, 20% gravel days, with small shoulder knobs providing cornering grip on dirt and gravel sections.

Their Gum-X compound is grippy in wet and dry conditions. A three-layer 100tpi casing with bead-to-bead puncture protection and 330g-500g weights means it prioritizes durability over race day weights. Available in 700 x 30/36/42/48mm widths. Pre-order here, ships mid-June.

Silca Chain Stripper eases waxing

silca ultimate chain stripper eco-friendly degreaser for bike chains to use before wax lube application

Silca’s Super Secret Drip Wax chain coating is amazing, but (as with any wax lube) requires complete degreasing of the chain for it to work best. So now they’ve added the Ultimate Chain Stripper + Wax Prep that will remove all grease, even the thick factory gunk, in 10 minutes.

Even better, it leaves a slight residue that improves wax lube adhesion, so there’s no need to rinse after cleaning your chain. Available separately and in combo packs, it’s 100% eco-friendly, even safe to pour down drains. MSRP $36. (video here)

Cane Creek de-switches the eeSilk stem

cane creek eaSilk suspension stem for gravel bike

The new eeSilk Suspension Stem offers a sleeker version of the original by losing the lockout switch. The original is still available, too, with its Compliance Switch letting you turn the suspension on or off, but this new model is always working.

Both come with three different density elastomers that can swap in easily without stem or bar removal. It comes in 80/90/100mm lengths with -6º rise, weights from 219g to 235g, and 20mm travel. MSRP $199, black only.

FSA VAS vibration damping gravel stem

full speed ahead VAS gravel stem with elastomers to damp vibrations

The new FSA VAS gravel stem debuts at Unbound this weekend and features an elastomer insert between the handlebar and the stem to absorb vibrations before they reach your hands.

Three bushing densities are included to customize the feel, absorbing 33% to 47% of vibrations. It’s available for 31.8mm bars in 80/90/100mm lengths with -6º rise and a 291g claimed weight (100mm). MSRP $111. (video here)

Industry Nine Hydra S J-Bend wheelsets now come in colors

industry nine trail s and enduro s hydra wheelsets with custom ano colors for hubs and valve stems

Industry Nine’s S-Series wheels offer more affordable performance by pairing their Hydra Classic Hubs with standard J-Bend spokes, but they were only offered in a few colors.

Now, you can customize them with any of their 11 colors and get matching valve stems on their 28-hole Hydra Trail S and Hydra Enduro S wheelsets with alloy and carbon rims. MSRP $950-$1,795.

Reynolds Enduro & DH wheels get more compliant

Reynolds’ all-new 309/307 carbon gravity wheels have already taken Pivot’s Factory Team to the podium thanks to a new, much shallower 20.5mm depth and wider 30mm internal width (37mm external), making them up to 40% more compliant and having better tire support.

Available in three versions with i9 Hydra, Ringle Super Bubba, or standard hubs, in 27.5 and 29er, and Enduro and DH versions (28 spokes vs 32 spokes), weights from 1834g to 1943g for EN 29er models. MSRP $1,499 to $2,299.

TranzX Wireless Dropper Seatpost is just $499

Available in 170mm and 200mm travel and 30.9/31.6 diameters, the $499 TransX EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post is the most affordable such thing on the market, $200-$300 less than Magura Vyron and Rockshox Reverb AXS.

It uses a sealed adjustable air cartridge, rechargeable Li-ion battery, Bluetooth 5.0 communication with its remote, and is IPX66 waterproof. Claimed weights from 730-748g, price includes charging case, cables, remote lever w/ clamp and battery.

North Shore Billet Talon Cranksets made in Whistler

north shore billet talon crankset is CNC machined in whistler bc for enduro and downhill mountain biking

If you need a crankset built to withstand the freeride trails and massive drops found in Whistler, BC, why not get something designed and made there?

The new North Shore Billet Talon Crankset is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum, comes in 155/160/165/170mm arm lengths. Rated for Enduro to DH, the three-piece design comes with a 73 or 83mm spindle (BB30) in black, pewter, or silver. They use a Race Face CINCH chainring mount. Weights from 630-670g w/o chainring.

Knog Blinder bike lights get sleeker & brighter

2023 knog blinder bike lights for front and rear

The new Knog Blinder bike lights are a huge upgrade with a sleeker headlight that comes with bar and under-mount attachments, available in 600/900/1300-lumen versions. The quick-release design makes it handy as a flashlight, too.

Several new tail lights are available, too, with the 170-lumen Cobber leading the pack. It’s a COB (Circuit On Board) design that provides 330º visibility and versatile mounts that work with aero seatposts, too. You can even customize the flash pattern with their Modemaker App!

Garmin Epix & Fenix GPS watches get flashlights

new Garmin Epix Pro and Fenix 7 Pro GPS sports watches with built in flashlights and HR tracking

Garmin’s top GPS adventure watches both add built-in flashlights, multi-band satellite receivers, and now come in three sizes – 42, 47, and 51mm faces. The Epix Pro (top, from $899) gets new weather map overlays, topographic map relief shading, improved HR sensor, and Red Shift Mode for nighttime viewing.

The new Fenix 7 Pro (bottom, from $799) adds solar charging, more activities, more pre-loaded content and topo maps, and has an all-new MIP display that’s easier to read, brighter, and more energy efficient. It also adds sport-specific HR algorithms for more accurate tracking by activity. Add Sapphire glass (worth it) to either for $100.

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