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Best Gifts for Cyclists – A Buyer’s Guide

best gifts for roadies to gravel cyclists to mountain bikers

Looking for the best gift for your favorite cyclist? Whether for the holidays, a birthday, or just because, here’s a highly curated list of useful, interesting bits that will surprise and delight.’

Most are at reasonable price points for roadies, mountain bikers, gravel grinders, commuters, bikepackers, and more, plus a few pie-in-the-sky items at the bottom. If you’re not sure what to give, anything on this list is sure to impress.

Cycling Gifts from $10 to $50

Orucase Smuggler Handlebar Bag

orucase smuggler handlebar bag for road, gravel, and mountain bikers

Don’t have a “burrito bag” yet for your handlebar? The Orucase Smuggler ($44) comes in eight colors and is a perfect size for a rain shell, snacks, tube and multi-tool. From gravel rides to all-day adventures on road or trail, this is the “I didn’t know I needed that, but I love it” accessory for every cyclist.

Velo Orange Saddle Loops

velo orange saddle loops bolt on mounts for handlbar bags on a bike seat

Velo Orange Saddle Loops let you hang a handlebar roll bag (like the one above) off the back of your saddle, just like they did in the old days…and the cool kids are doing today. They bolt onto the rails, they’re simple, and they’re only $15.

Doormate Bar-End Garage Door Remote

doormate garage door remote control that fits inside a bicycle handlebar end

The Doormate Garage Door Remote fits inside a road or gravel handlebar end and works with any brand garage door opener. It’s waterproof, super easy to pair, and makes it quick, easy, and secure to get in after a ride…or close the door on the way out…and it’s just $40. I have one of these and love it!

Defeet Wooleator Pro Socks

defeet wooleator pro cycling socks are a perfect gift idea

We all need fresh socks, and the new Defeet Wooleator Pro ($22) take a classic all-season sock and inject high performance features into it. Added Lycra boosts compression and fit, and a flat “seamless” toe seam improves comfort. Plus, they’re made with sustainable, eco-friendly Shaniko Merino wool from the U.S.!

Better Action Cam Mounts

best gopro action camera mounts for cyclists

If your favorite cyclist likes to capture video, they’re almost certainly looking for more creative ways to get fresh perspectives. Here are four mounts I really like:

  • Chest Mount ($39) – The safest and easiest way to get a great POV footage that keeps the handlebars in frame for better visual reference that makes it far more watchable. Wear it backward to film the rider behind you.
  • Bite Mount ($40) – Your head is a perfect gimbal, providing amazing “Follow Cam” footage. Technically, this is made for water sports, and it’ll hurt if you wreck without spitting it out before impact…but the footage! (seriously, use at your own risk)
  • Wrist Strap ($12) – It works on your wrist, but it’s a great mount for downtubes, picking up killer footage of suspension working and tires rolling.
  • Flex Mount ($30) – This one’s great for a lot of things. Clamp it to a tree or railing to get “ride by” footage, remove the neck and clamp your handlebar for “on bike” footage, or even hold it like a selfie stick.
  • Spare Batteries + Charger ($60) – This dual battery pack fits the latest HERO 9, 10 & 11 models and will be much appreciated, trust me. You can never have enough backups, and the dual charger is clutch.

The Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape ($40) is thick and cushy and perfect for riding rough gravel roads. It smooths the bumps and damps energy-sapping vibrations, and comes in five colors. It’s 5mm thick, which adds a lot of girth to a bar, so smaller hands may prefer the 2.5mm-thick Supple Lite Bar Tape ($30).

WTC Supple Bar Tape

wolf tooth components supple bar tape is extra thick for more cushioning

Cycling Gifts from $50 to $200

Silca Gravelero Mini-Pump

silca gravelero mini pump for gravel bikes and mountain bike tires

The Silca Gravelero mini pump ($75) is a perfect pump for both gravel and mountain bikes. It’s mid-volume capacity was designed for gravel tires, but easily larger MTB tires, too. The quality build combines with a lock-on chuck that is safer and quicker than thread-on designs, and the proprietary plunger seal ensures solid air movement on every stroke.

Drink Wholesome MRP

drink wholesome high protein meal replacement shake with no artificial sweeteners and no added sugar

If there’s one thing an avid cyclist will definitely go through, it’s nutrition. I’m a huge fan of Drink Wholesome’s High Protein Meal Replacement shakes because a) they use egg whites, which have a complete and highly bioavailable amino acid profile for rebuilding muscle, b) they use clean, real food ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, and c) they have a healthy fat profile and no added sugar.

If you want a truly healthy recovery option or way to add calories during heavy training, this is it. Bonus points that it tastes amazing, too! $55 per 14 serving bag, use code “lunchride” for 10% off.

Kali Alchemy XC/Trail/Gravel Helmet

kali alchemy trail mountain bike helmet

The Kali Alchemy mountain bike helmet is so packed with safety tech that its $100 price point seems like a misprint, but that’s what we love about them. With industry leading foam and cushioning, Kali offers incredible features (and an amazing crash replacement policy) for great prices.

The Alchemy is a favorite because it works as-is for XC and gravel, or pop the visor off for road riding. (If you have little ones, Kali makes awesome kids’ helmets, too!)

Shokz OpenRun Pro sport headphones

Riding (or just working out) with music is awesome; science has proven it boosts our output and positive attitude. But riding with ear buds is dangerous (and even illegal in some spots), which is why the Shokz OpenRun Pro bone-conduction headphones ($179.95) are so great.

The “Pro” version has way deeper base than the standard model, and it keeps your ears completely open to ambient sounds like traffic, dogs, and other riders. They charge quickly and pack 10 hours of listening time.

Garmin Varia Rearview Radar Taillight

Having ridden with one of these, I can say it’s a gamechanger. The Garmin Varia ($200) senses cars coming from behind and sends an alert to your cycling computer (compatible with Wahoo, Bryton, Hammerhead, too…not just Garmin units). It’s a handy heads up, especially when riding side-by-side with friends so you have plenty of time to merge into a single file, but even when riding solo so you’re not startled by a quiet car (like EVs).

And the light’s blinking pattern and intensity changes as cars get closer to better alert them, too. The standard model is great, but there’s one with a built-in camera, too. Anything that improves rider safety is a gift for the giver, too.

Revelate Bikepacking Frame Bags

revelate bikepacking framebags and saddle packs.
The ECOpak Shrew saddle pack, Tangle framebag, and Mag Tank top tube back make a perfect “light” bikepacking setup. (image: Revelate Designs/REI)

Most of us dream of bikepacking, but the reality for most of us is “credit card bikepacking”, where we pack light and stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants. This lets us get out on the road for a 2-3 days with a few small bags. I really like Revelate Designs’ gear, and this is a perfect setup:

  • Mag Tank Top Tube Bag ($59, bolt-on) – Slim enough to avoid knee rub, it still holds my phone, a GoPro with Bite Mount, and a couple gels or bars. The magnetic closure is super easy to open one-handed, and flaps itself shut so you can stay focused on the road. Also available in a Strap-on version for bikes without top tube mounts.
  • Tangle Framebag ($105) – Strapped under the top tube, it’s slim enough to still fit two water bottles underneath, but easily fits snacks, a pump, tools, tubes, wallet, vest, and other little stuff you need quick access to when stopped.
  • Ecopak Shrew Seat Pack ($65) – Just big enough for a change of clothes and flip flops, plus a few spare snacks, this one straps securely to your seatpost and saddle without flopping around. Personally, I want more space for extra clothes (and a second riding kit!), so I prefer the Terrapin 14L ($189), which has a removable dry bag that makes packing much easier.

No Expense Spared

Campagnolo Gold Corkscrew

2022 campagnolo corkscrews in limited edition 24k gold and 18k rose gold

The Campagnolo corkscrew is, simply, one of those showcase items any cyclist will appreciate (assuming they drink wine). It’s iconic, and this year it comes in extremely limited 24K Gold & 18K Rose Gold plated finishes. The screw self-centers on the cork and won’t pierce through it, ensuring a perfect extraction every time. MSRP is $1,950.

Ornot Trail Magic Jacket

Ornot Trail Magic Jacket ($384) uses the amazing, flexible, breathable waterproof Polartec NeoShell fabric in a softshell that’s made to move, yet still cut for a cyclist. Inside is a zip-out Polartec Alpha fleeced vest for added warmth when you need it. The hood fits over a helmet, and a full-width rear zip pocket provides a stash for a beanie, phone, snacks, whatever, plus two front zip hand pockets.

Available in black or gray, it’s perfect for mountain biking, commuting, bikepacking and adventure riding. For road and gravel riding, check out the more streamlined Magic Shell jacket, also available in women’s cuts.

Silca Hot Wax X Chain Treatment

silca hot wax x chain lube with nanene graphene

The Silca Hot Wax X ($165) takes chain treatments to the next level. It’s expensive at face value, but consider this: Each tin will treat 6-8 chains, each treatment will last up to 800km, and it prolongs the life of your chain ~8x. Considering the price of new chains and cassettes, this is a bargain. The application is a process, so it’s best enjoyed by the cyclist who dotes on their bike.

Thomson Bike Tours’ Gravel Series

guided gravel cycling trips in scotland  from thomson bike tours

Thomson Bike Tours’ Gravel Series combine their legendary ride quality with a more grassroots, backroads vibe that explores far more interesting off-the-beaten-path routes. I’ve ridden their Portugal trip, and it’s absolutely incredible, but they offer trips all over the world.

They’re expensive, but there’s no better way to see a place than by bike, and no better way to do it then with an experienced guide that pours hundreds of hours into killer route recon and takes care of all the logistics, food, and drink!

the lunch ride logo cycling cap

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