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new ari nebo peak lightweight e-mountain bike with fazua motor and bigger 430Wh battery

Tons of new stuff this week, including TWO killer new oversize pulley wheel systems, plus power meter pedals, the world’s lightest 3D-printed saddle, new road & gravel tires, a multi-device charger, and lots of new road, gravel, and mountain bikes for everything! Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Fezzari becomes Ari Bikes
  • Ari Nebo Peak
  • Rocky Mountain Instinct
  • Canyon GRIZL:ON
  • Storck Aerfast.5
  • Cannondale SuperSix Evo CX/gravel
  • TRiPEAK asymmetric OSPW
  • Prologo 3DMSS saddle
  • Ceramicspeed OSPW RS
  • Look powermeter pedals
  • Gravelking tires rebooted
  • Vittoria RideArmor tires
  • Reserve 40/44 gravel wheels
  • Scott Cadence aero helmet
  • WTB Rocket
  • Trek CHRGtime

Fezzari becomes Ari Bikes, which goes with the flow

Fezzari Bikes has changed their name to Ari Bikes. The move simplifies the name and means “to exist” or “to be”, with similar meanings globally. It’s also easy to say in almost any language, which hints at their ambitions. After all, if the other big consumer-direct brands can come to the US, why can they go to Europe and beyond?

The new name will appear on all new bikes as they arrive, with some models already shipping with the new graphics. Don’t care about labels, man? Snag a deal on Fezzari-labeled bikes on closeout, they have most of their models heavily discounted right now. It’s not just because of the name change…they’ve gotta make room for EIGHT new bikes launching this year, starting with the…

Ari Nebo Peak lightweight e-MTB gets a big battery & shreddy geo

The all-new Ari Nebo Peak is their first lightweight e-mountain bike, with a full carbon frame and compact Fazua Ride 60 motor. They pair it with an oversize 430Wh battery pack for category-leading range, and an optional range extender gives you more.

The new Nebo Peak has the lowest standover height of any mountain bike they’ve made, which means better maneuverability and longer dropper posts. It’s a 29er front and rear. Travel is 140mm rear, 150mm front, with a flip chip to adjust BB height & head angle. Four builds ranging from $6,199 (SLX/DVO) to $9,999 (XX T-Type/Rockshox).

Rocky Mountain Instinct is a quiver-killer trail bike

The new Rocky Mountain Instinct wants to be your one (mountain) bike quiver, with 140mm rear travel, 150mm forks, wheel size options, and internal frame storage. It also gives adjustable head angles, chainstay lengths, and their RIDE 4 four-way adjustable suspension/geo shock mount.

The carbon frame is 200g lighter than before, and it’s stronger, too. Available in alloy and carbon versions. They’re compatible with 160mm forks, too, and some special builds will have +10mm travel all around. Size XS is 27.5″ wheels, and the Small has two distinct frames, one with each wheel size. Bikes from $2,899 to $10,499, with that top model getting SRAM Flight Attendant. (videos here and here)

Canyon Grizl:ON gravel e-bike gets adventure-ready build

The new Canyon Grizl:ON e-bike brings a more backcountry-capable e-gravel bike to their lineup, offering a 55Nm Bosch Performance Line SX motor with 400Wh battery pack (+250Wh booster option), big 45-50mm tire clearance, and lots of accessory mounts to fit bags, fenders, or both.

A slack 69.5º head angle and 40mm suspension fork handle any terrain, and integrated front & rear lights keep you visible (and light the way at night). A new bar and stem work with the Acros headset to keep every wire and cable concealed without going to extreme integrations, leaving only the front brake hose exposed. From €4,999 to €7,999.

Storck Aerfast.5 claims to be the fastest road bike in the world

The Storck Aerfast.5 aero road bike takes the v4’s 80mm deep fork legs with hidden axles and integrated one-piece cockpit and upgrades the frame to further improve aerodynamics with a sleeker head tube. The seat tube and post are deeper, too,

The carbon frame is also further optimized to save weight, with a complete bike weight that’s 8% lower than before, and the BB area is stiffer. From €10,299 (video here).

Cannondale Evo CX & Gravel bikes get stealth routing

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO CX and SE Gravel bikes both now come with stealth cable routing. The frames carry over mostly unchanged other than the lack of cable entry points, but now come with their Delta Steerer Fork, which uses a triangular steerer to make room for cables and hoses to pass between it and the headset bearings. All brake lines and any shift cables run through the Conceal Stem, minimizing clutter, which makes the bike much easier to clean after muddy ‘cross races.

fezzari bikes is now ari bikes

TRiPEAK Jetstream asymmetric oversize derailleur pulley wheels

The TRiPEAK Jetstream OSPW kit uses an offset center that lets them fit an oversized lower pulley wheel into a stock derailleur pulley cage. They use an alloy carrier that’s keyed to fit into the pulley cage and lock it into position.

A composite 18-tooth ring spins around it on ceramic bearings to reduce friction by reducing chain articulation. The bearings are dry out of the box and spin ridiculously easily, but you’ll need to add a few drops of the included low-viscosity oil before riding them. Offered in 10 colors for modern 11- and 12-speed Shimano & SRAM road and gravel derailleurs, MSRP is about $180.

Prologo makes the world’s lightest 3D-printed saddle

Coming in at just 149g, the new Prologo Nano R4 Pas 3DMSS is the lightest 3D-printed road bike saddle out there. At €420, it’s also one of the most expensive. It uses their multi-sector design, putting different density and support in different zones. Unlike other 3D-printed saddles that rely exclusively on the lattice structure to create zoned support, Prologo breaks these into distinct sections with unique elastomeric qualities, too.

It’s based on their existing Nago T-shaped saddles (247x135mm), with carbon rails and shell, and a full-length center relief channel and cutout. Available in April 2024.

CeramicSpeed OSPW RS brings solid pulleys to road/gravel bikes

Following their solid-disc MTB pulley cage for SRAM Transmission, the new CeramicSpeed OSPW RS gives drop bar bikes a new option. Two new options, actually. The carbon fiber pulley cage is a new, stiffer, sharper-looking design, and you can get it with these new Alpha solid pulley wheels or their traditional 5-spoke machined alloy pulleys.

But you’ll want the solid wheels they’re quieter and last 5x longer than the alloy ones. And they have their ADR (active debris remover) grooves to fling water and dirt away from the bearings. MSRP $669 as shown, or $599 for the non-solid wheels. Available March 26 for SRAM (15/19 teeth) and Shimano (13/19 teeth) 12-speed road and gravel derailleurs.

New Look KEO & X-Track power meter pedals

The new Look power meter pedals come in KEO (road) and X-Track (MTB, gravel) versions that match the Q-factor and stack height of their standard models. They’re now plug-and-play, too, with no special orientation or setup required, just thread them in, pair with a computer, and go ride for 60 hours per charge.

Both available as dual- or single-sided sets with +/-1% accuracy. The KEO Blade Power are just 260g for the pair, with a huge 750mm2 platform. The X-Track Power are 404g/pair and use recycled aluminum bodies. They’re Bluetooth/ANT+, and the Look app shows pedaling smoothness, torque effectiveness, and other geeky pedal stroke data, as well as providing OTA firmware updates. MSRP $679 to $1,099.

FSA Vision 5D EVO handlebar-stem combo

Already one of the most winning cockpit pieces in the pro peloton, the FSA Vision Metron 5D EVO one-piece handlebar/stem gets a complete update that’s lighter (now just 320g), stiffer, and with better vibration damping. Stack height is 14.6mm lower (now just 40mm) for better aerodynamics, too.

The bar keeps its 10º forward sweep on the tops, which helps you open up your chest for easier breathing on the climbs. The L/XL sizes now have a larger cross section on the flats to better fit larger hands. It has a compact 125mm drop, 80mm reach, and 5mm outward bend in the drops. ACR compatible for stealth routing through their headset, with more top caps available for more brands of bikes now, too.

Panaracer Gravelking tires get all-new casings & X1 tread pattern

The original Gravelking tires were designed around 17mm internal rim widths, so it was time for a complete refresh of the world’s most popular gravel tire lineup. The new 2024 Gravelking tires‘ beads are optimized for wider, hookless rims and easy tubeless setup. They now come in three versions – Standard, GK+ (stronger w/ extra puncture protection), and R (lighter, faster rolling, more supple).

Standard versions use their ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) tread compound with a new supple, high-TPI TuffTex bead-to-bead puncture protection layer and BeadLock material to create a tight tubeless seal with the rim. The GX+ adds a second, tougher TuffTex layer all the way around.

The new top-level GK R models uses a different, lighter, more supple TuffTex R casing to reduce weight without entirely giving up protection. Lastly, a new GK X1 tread pattern uses a tightly-spaced, blocky design that rolls faster than the SS/SK models yet provides more cornering grip in loose, rocky terrain thanks to taller side knobs.

Vittoria RideArmor all-season road bike tire

The new Vittoria RideArmor tubeless road bike tire is aimed squarely at the Continental GP5000 fan, offering a fully modern tubeless tire with Graphene and Silica for enhanced traction and reduced rolling resistance, but with a two-layer 100tpi nylon bead to bead puncture protection layer plus extra pinch-flat and sidewall cut protection, too. 700 x 26/28/30/32mm widths (all hookless compatible except 26mm), weights from 355g to 435g, MSRP €59.95.

Reserve 40/44 “Turbulent Aero” gravel wheels

Built around their “Turbulent Aero” concept of real-world aerodynamics, the new Reserve 40/44 gravel wheels handle crosswinds and the weird turbulence from pack riding or whatever as well as straight-line wind equally well. They’re wider than before, handling up to 700x50mm tires, with a semi-hooked design that works fine tubed or tubeless.

The mixed depths and widths are optimized for their locations. Front is 27.4mm internal, 36mm external, and 40mm deep. Rear is 27.0mm internal, 34mm external, and 44mm deep. Weight is 1,444g, MSRP $1,599 w/ DT 350 hubs.

Scott Cadence aero road helmet now faster & has a taillight

Weighing just 280g with the latest MIPS integrated into the padding, a magnetic buckle, a clip-in rear light, and optional vent plugs, the new Scott Cadence aero helmet is both lightweight and very fully featured. The new design is also more aerodynamic than before, and despite the small number of vents, claims to have good ventilation even on hot summer days.

Ritchey Comp Buzzard high-rise MTB handlebar

Need something just a bit taller for your adventure bike? The new Ritchey Comp Buzzard handlebar is designed to keep you upright, comfy, and easily fit a bigger handlebar roll bag. It’s double-butted chromoly, 820mm wide, has 70mm rise, and 27.5º backsweep at the grips (it juts forward first to keep reach within normal range). MSRP $49.95.

Wilde Wayfinder carbon gravel fork goes light, supple

Wilde thought existing carbon gravel forks were too heavy and too stiff, so they designed their own. The new Wayfinder gravel fork is just 478g with uncut steerer, and its legs are designed to soak up chatter and bumps.

It’s also fully featured, with internal brake and dynamo routing, and three-bolt accessory plus rack/fender mounts. It fits up to 700×2.1″ or 650B x 2.3″ tires, has 398mm axle-to-crown, and 49mm rake. MSRP $525.

WTB Rocket tire plugger prevents plugs from ripping out

Maybe it’s not a huge problem, but when you plug a tire and leave the strip dangling out, there’s a chance it can get ripped back out. The new WTB Rocket uses Clever Designs’ reusable “rocket” tips that you thread the plug thru then use to poke it into place. Unlike traditional prongs that you pull back out, the rocket tip remains trapped on the strip and anchors it inside the tire.

They’ve also launched tan-colored lightweight TPU inner tubes, which are 1/3 of the size and weight and include TPU patches, and MaxFlow valve stems with an insert-compatible base and integrated valve core removal tool.

Trek CHRGtime multi-device charging station

Maybe an “ugh” that such a thing is necessary for modern cyclists, but a “yay” that it exists. The new Trek CHRGtime charging station lets you charge up to six devices at once while keeping cables hidden and tidy. Plug it into the wall, and a multi-outlet brick hiding under the device tray holds six short USB-C/Micro cables (3x each type), but you can substitute any specific device cables you need.

Lights on the front of the box show charging status, and a port on the back lets you power up larger devices, just place them on the rubberized lid. MSRP $124.99.

Small Bites

fezzari bikes is now ari bikes

Parting Thoughts

I was at the Taipei Cycle Show this week and there was an interesting mix of interesting new products and ideas, but very low attendance, particularly from North America.

This is one of the largest cycling industry trade events in the world, second only behind Eurobike (RIP, Interbike), and used to be very much a trade-only event with no real reason for media to attend.

Gradually, over the past 15 years, it’s become more of a product launch platform. It’s still mostly trade…the place you go to meet suppliers and distributors. If you ever wanted to launch a bike, component, or accessory, this is where you’d go to find a manufacturer.

This year, the current drought the industry is experiencing was evident from the low attendee count, but it didn’t slow down innovation.

I’ll add more of the best items in next week’s roundup, but that TRiPEAK offset pulley was one of my favorites. There’s more big news coming next week, too, plus a few things that didn’t fit in this week’s recap!


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