absoluteBLACK // Cervelo // PRO Superlight // Wahoo // Cane Creek & more!

absoluteblack graphenpad graphene infused brake pads for shimano and sram road gravel and mountain bike brakes

This week it’s some wild new graphene-infused brake pads, two new trainers, ultralight bits, high end rim brakes, two new action cams, and more! Here’s this week’s list:

  • aB’s graphene brake pads
  • Cervelo Soloist road bike
  • PRO Vibe Superlight cockpit
  • GoPro vs. DJI action cams
  • New Wahoo KICKR trainer
  • New Saris H4 trainer, too
  • Cane Creek El Platino 2 eeBrakes
  • Aventon hits Level 2

absoluteBLACK slows fast with graphene brake pads, wild fins

The new absoluteBLACK GRAPHENpads disc brake pads promise up to 35% better braking performance for Shimano and SRAM road, gravel & mountain bike brakes by dramatically reducing heat. A graphene-infused pad compound transfers more heat to the backing plates. The copper-free material is friendlier for marine life, lasts longer, and is quiet, too.

The backing plates’ honeycombed radiator fins use the moving air to pull that heat away, and graphene’s very high thermal conductivity helps make it happen even faster. Reducing heat prevents brake fade, so they claim consistent, predictable stopping power, even during long descents. Angled cuts on the road pads make them look ultra-thin at a certain angle. $36-$62 per wheel.

Cervelo Soloist road bike races like an R5 for privateers

new Cervelo Soloist road racing bike is affordable and blends aerodynamics with race geometry

Designed for racers with big dreams and small(er) budgets, the new Cervelo Soloist copies the R5’s geometry, gets some of the S5’s aerodynamics, with specs a home mechanic will appreciate.

A threaded BBright T47 bottom bracket is easy to service, and internal routing runs through a headset cap rather than the stem for smooth, aero looks and easy cockpit adjustments. Comes with 28mm tires but fits 34mm. MSRP from $3,400 to $6,800.

PRO Vibe Superlight cockpit includes clever add-ons

shimano pro vibe superlight carbon handlebar for road bikes

Shaving 75g off their prior lightest combo, the new PRO Vibe Superlight carbon handlebar comes in as light as 154g (38cm width), and the alloy stem starts at 92g.

The bars use an oversized, rounded top for more comfort riding on the tops. The mostly UD carbon fibers are reinforced with Innegra fibers to improve impact resistance and avoid catastrophic failure should you hit something really hard. Comes in 38/40/42cm widths with 80mm reach/130mm drop. About $420.

shimano pro vibe superlight cockpit components, stem, computer mount and carbon extensions

The +/-6º PRO Vibe Superlight Stem (~$160) comes in 70 thru 120mm lengths for both 1-1/8″ and 1-1/4″ steerers and pairs perfectly with the PRO Cap Gap expander plug (24g, ~$35, also for both steerer diameters).

A new PRO Vibe Computer Mount (~$55) attaches directly to the stem and includes cradles for Wahoo, Garmin & Bryton. It’s 37g, tilts +/-20º, and the cradle adjusts 11mm fore/aft. The PRO Vibe Carbon Clip-On (135g, ~$160) also includes the computer mounts and fits any standard round 31.8 handlebars.

Wahoo KICKR Trainer & Bike get faster WiFi, ERG ramps

new wahoo KICKR smart trainer and indoor KICKR bike for cycling training

Wahoo’s KICKR Smart Trainer and KICKR BIKE just got faster WiFi (both now also have ethernet ports for hardwiring) to ensure your online efforts never go to waste. It also automatically keeps the devices updated OTA.

A new “ERG Easy Ramp” feature eases you back into hard efforts if you needed to stop suddenly, and a built-in odometer tracks total mileage. Both are Available now.

(For comparison to the H4 below, the KICKR is $1,299 and has +/-1% accuracy, 2,200 watts max resistance, 20% max simulated incline, and a 16lb flywheel)

New Saris H4 smart trainer posts bigger numbers

saris h4 smart trainer shown from multiple angles

The new Saris H4 indoor trainer takes their top spot with +/-1% accuracy and a massive 20lb flywheel for improved road feel. Wide legs and a cast alloy body keep it stiff and stable as you try to hit its 2300-watt max resistance and 25% incline simulation. Internal speed/cadence/power meters and dual ANT+/Bluetooth transmitters work with all the things

It adds 12-speed drivetrain compatibility with HG, XD/XDR, and Microspline freehubs available. The only caveat is it’s limited to 36-tooth max cassettes. Larger cassettes could cause derailleur pulley interference with the leg when trying to shift into larger cogs.

MSRP is $999. That’s $100 less than the H3 was (which is what I ride, is fantastic, and now drops to $799or less!)

GoPro HERO 11 goes big; new HERO MINI does, too

GoPro HERO 11 Black and HERO 11 mini action cameras shown with enduro battery and SD card

The new GoPro HERO 11 Black upgrades to a larger, better 1/1.9″ image sensor that captures a big 8:7 format, giving you more real estate to crop to any screen size you want.

It’s all shot at up to 5.3K/60 (or 4K/120 slo-mo) with 10-bit color and now comes standard with the longer-lasting Enduro battery. Bigger 27MP images & HyperSmooth 5.0 make everything sharper and steadier than ever. All HERO10 accessories will still fit. MSRP is $399 with GoPro+ subscription.

The new HERO 11 MINI does all that without a screen for simple, single-button operation. All settings are managed thru the app. Bottom and back mounting prongs give you more creativity for POV and other unique angles. Both models work with the Max Lens Mod. MSRP is $299 w/sub, available 10/25.

DJI Osmo Action 3 camera returns to form

new DJI Osmo Action 3 camera shown with front and rear touch screens and replaceable lens

Interestingly, the 2nd-gen Osmo Action camera went “mini” last year, with attachments to expand its functionality as desired. This new DJI Osmo Action 3 returns to a “standard” action cam form factor, but keeps the quick-connect mounts and upgrades to dual touch screens for easier controls when mounted.

A 160-minute battery works down to -20ºC (-4ºF) and can fast charge up to 80% in just 18 minutes. It gets a slightly larger 1/1.7″ sensor, with replaceable lenses (!!) and ultra-wide 155º FOV, but only shoots up to 4K/120, so you won’t be able to crop & zoom as much in post.

Flip it and it’ll natively shoot vertical video, perfect for social media. Their RockSteady image stabilization and HorizonSteady features work great, too. From $329.

Cane Creek El Platino 2 eeBrakes get repolished

cane creek el platino 2 eebrakes ultralight rim brake calipers for road bikes

The El Platino finish was such a popular special edition of the Cane Creek eeBrakes ultralight rim brake calipers that they’ve brought it back. The calipers get mild revisions to the details, with black accents on the platinum and polished arms.

They weigh just 169g for the pair, fit 19-28mm rims, and come with carbon rim-compatible brake pads. Grab a set while they last for $779.99.

Aventon Level 2 e-bike’s new torque sensor is a big deal

aventon level 2 affordable e-bike with torque sensor for smoother safer power deliver that matches rider output

Most e-bikes under $2,000 use a hub motor that’s either on or off, immediately delivering 100% of available power as soon as you start pedaling. For inexperienced riders, it can cause the bike to lurch forward and, possibly, cause them to wreck (or worse).

The Aventon Level 2 ($1,949) is the first bike in its category to add a torque sensor to match assistance output to your actual effort so that the power comes on more gradually and feels more natural. It’s a massive safety and performance improvement, and comes alongside the fenders, rear rack, color display, hydraulic disc brakes, and formed alloy frame that makes their bikes stand out among a sea of cheap, no-name e-bikes.

On Stage

Red Bull Hardline (above) may have been getting most of the attention this week, but their District Ride just happened, too, and sent riders racing and jumping through a more urban environment:

And if you enjoyed last week’s Handy MacAskill finger biking introduction of the new Santa Cruz 5010, here’s the “Dream Bike Build” video showing how they made that miniature bike!

Small Bites

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